Sim on a Stick

Sim on a stick (SOAS) allows you to run a virtual world on a USB stick. It's free and open source.
It runs on PC only but if you have one PC and a network with Macs on you can access SOAS using the Imprudence viewer on the Macs with the PC as the host.

Note: We recommend an older version of SOAS than the one currently at
The reason for this is that the new version doesn't have the Imprudence viewer packaged with an auto start. If you want to install this yourself. Email and she can provide you with a bat file (until she gets it uploaded here).

Download Sim on a Stick here - (Click on sim-on-a-stick 0.7.2 Imp1.3.2 download it and unzip it onto your USB stick)
or from this file - SOAS version 072

Once downloaded Open the folder soas072_imp132 and
locate  the file -  OpenSim_autostart.bat 
double click it
you should see two dialog boxes - one will start running a list of text (that is the region console) and the other is the MoWeS server.

Then the Imprudence viewer will start.

This is similar to a web browser. It is the interface that you use to access the virtual world. You can use Imprudence to access other virtual worlds as well such as second life.

To log in use -
First name - Simona
Last name - Stick
Password - 123
Grid - localhost

This virtual world has been working on Department of Education (NSW) computers at Coffs Harbour PS, Dunoon PS and Modanville PS.
Follow Coffs Harbour at -
and Dunoon at -


Getting help
Help files and free objects can be found on

Save OAR

  • In the region console type:
  • save oar yourname.oar
  • It will only save what is on simonastick 1

Load OAR

  • Put the oar in the bin folder
  • In the region console type:
  • load oar yourname.oar

If you want to have something on your sim (not just flat land) you can find pre-made environments here (they are called OAR files) -
Here's how to install them -

Save IAR

  • Useful to save folders as IAR files that can be uploaded in the library
  • save iar yourname foldername password new.iar
  • Put the iar file in the library folder before launching SOAS


Making everything belong to Simona Stick (to link and to export)

  • First select the objects - Edit and select objects
  • Go to the menu item -  Admin > Objects > Force owner to me


MultiUser set up

If you want to have multi users you need to follow the instructions here -  If you can't work it out and want a hand email lisa -

  • Local host default number is
  • Find ip address for local computer
  • run
  • cmd
  • ipconfig


Flatten land

In the region console type:

terrain fill 21


To make default avatars

Create an account Boy Avatar
then log in and create the boy avatar as you want it

Do the same for Girl Avatar

Then go to the file
It's in the config-include folder

the spot where it says

AvatarAccount_Female = "Female Avatar"

Change the Female to Girl

Do the same with the Male and the Neutral

I make the neutral one an adult.

To change root region

change region newregionname

if you are doing this on simonastick and you haven't changed the region names make sure you type

change region simonastick 2

note the space between simonastick and the number of the region

To make each region seperate



CombineContiguousRegions to false



Issues we have had in DEC schools

Unblock programs (just lets us)

Not running .NET 3.5

Firewall  - may need to be opened to allow public and private

Ports may need to be exceptions - 9000

Update of graphics card drivers required especially after an upgrade to Windows7

To change the welcome words