Symposium on Virtual Worlds & Agents, Computational Ecosystems and New Architecture. 

This is a half day symposium on inter-disciplinary efforts to converge methods and ideas, blurring boundaries between the virtual and the tangible. 

Immersive virtual worlds are new virtual public domains which get inspired by living systems, and provide an exploratory domain of dematerialized architecture that expands the possibilities to rethink the habitability of spaces. Digital artists build dynamic and evolving spaces inhabited by communities of autonomous agents inspired in living systems. Simultaneously, architects are building upon ideas of emergent systems, interactivity and responsive materials and environments. 

The aim of this symposium is to establish a discussion on the practice of virtual and hybrid intelligent environments; on how cyberspace and buildings can share some of the properties of living systems. This space of discussion will engage the different perspectives of the participants, rooted on their respective disciplines: ecology, architecture, computer science and the visual arts, providing for an endeavor where the different perspectives can be used to inform one another. 


AISB (The Society for Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior) 
Goldsmiths, University of London