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 Rui  Read Vol 2 of Journals of Virtual Worlds Research 
 Rui  Write Literature Review 
 Rui  Write Summary of Burnham  
 Rui  Read Kinetics catalogue from Hayward 
 Rui  Read Introduction to Computational Ecologies 
 Rui  Trasncribe recordings from Lourenco MArques Accounts 
 Rui  Summarize Nature self tapestry 
 Rui  Read Distributed arquitectures 
 Rui  Read Virtual Worlds Conference 2000 
 Rui  Systems Biology where can I find a review? 
February 25, 2010 Rui 25 February  Paper Artech Guimaraes  
February 26, 2010 Rui  Submit the powerpoint with the lecture for Technarte 
April 25, 2010 Rui  Artech Guimaraes 
April 16, 2010 Rui  Technarte Bilbau 
April 2, 2010 Rui  Submit EVA paper 
July 5, 2010 Rui  EVA workshops 
June 7, 2010 Rui  Deadline ISEA 2010 
August 20, 2010 Rui  ISEA Conference 
May 31, 2010 Rui  Draft Upgrade 
Showing 19 items