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Kurt Sassmannhaus Violin Master Class

videos and Masterclasses.   A truly excellent
'and yes world-class' site with well done basic technique help.  I use these in conjunction with Todd Ehle's work, and my background. More importantly, the way the site is organized truly is a roadmap in how a violin experience might evolve. 

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Professor Todd Ehles
:videos (ProfessorV) linked and organized here are a good example of using common sense and instinct to find valid resources. Though as he generously shares that many have their own ways of looking at things, I keep encountering his notions elsewhere. He had my tone production improved in less than six minutes. And Todd, is just cool.  You may subscribe to Todd's playlists at youtube, for yet another view of his videos.
Todd Ehle's
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Suzuki Videos Tori's Suzuki videos speak for themselves.  Serving as a visual standard to further understanding from listening to Suzuki CDs, I find her examples very valuable to me.  I am receiving comments from literally around the world, from those thankful to encounter this section.

Stringology::Etudes/studies are very important in getting really good foundations for both fiddlers and violinists. Etudes are melodic purposeful exercises that put one through serious exercises for both hands. One of the very best etude collection out there is, "Kreutzer" I think as do many--though everyone has their own opinions. But if you do a survey, Kreutzer is always in the top three, most often on top. Some simpler etudes may be found in the other online resources pages..

The best approach to learning Kreutzer etudes/studies I have found is simply great for amateurs and professionals as well, and was created by Jacques Israelievitch and David Wilson, and can be found at a site called Stringology(new tab--or--window)'pay site'. I suggest just grabbing the entire workbook and CDs but you will find several options at their site. I mention this because especially for those going it alone--particularly those with a consistent work ethic, I find their approach awesome. 

Mimi Zweig:Mimi Zweig's(new tab--or--window) 'pay-site' is very good, and I am thrilled to be actively using her resources now! Her vibrato preview video, and a very very solid recommendation clued me in.. Every time I put in the DVD, I get another nice surprise. Her resources that focus on basic literacy up through an impressive beginning level, help one understand the very very fine details of why we do what we do in a wide variety of ways.

Whether working with youngsters or advancing students, one sees her ideas in a holistic way, that sticks with the understanding. Her constant reminding: "forearm", "relax", "relax your thumb"... carry these notions throughout one's violin understanding far beyond a simple mantra--to a matter of elegant flow and responsiveness in a very nice and notable maturity. And in a very developed sense, one is given a big-picture scenario once again, that deserves a much more developed description.