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Inspiration is all that important.

I am highlighting the
Indiana Violin Competition Finals (new tab-or-window) as a first

stop in Inspiration, because this competition is just so excellent as well as informative. I spoke with those preparing for the 2010 competition and very very exciting things are in the works.  Enjoy!   Also, there are many more links below, and many more to follow. 

Learning violin is a long involved process.  Therefore, it is just so important to stay inspired and motivated.   For me in the early days, inspired most often meant frustrated being a lifelong musician, and having an encyclopedia of music in my mind from other instruments.  I have to be honest though, in saying even that frustration could not reign me in.  

But as time passes and I have learned at least a few things, inspired is taking on its original meaning of helping to stay motivated.  Violin continues to humble me to this very day to be perfectly honest.  Inspire.  I will be explaining more about inspiration in the Adult Amateur sections, as it applies to music. Hint: Fiddler Cove Deep Think, Conversations on the Front Porch. 

Below the individual selections are web sites I am collecting that have nice collections of their own, entitled Violin/Viola Sites of Distinction with which to accompany one's self as well and for other reasons.   My first musical experience was playing the blues on piano, and my direction in violin will be  formal eastern European for five more years at least,  a little later Celtic, and then traditional fiddling.   Formal includes other formal traditions as well, particularly Italian and the romantic period.

Finally, these are my hurriedly done concept of inspiration and may mean little to you personally and  just may remain as disorganized as my desk,  though that is likely to change.  The point: I encourage you to collect things you find inspiring in your own way--and use them!   Yes, I got rhythm though I'm still looking for where it is hiding on my fiddle.  Know what is in your own heart. 

Some things to look for: posture,  presence, beauty  and technique.

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Below are several various artsy versions of Meditation, but also some Paganini and Pop.

Dorddeva & Grinkov Figure Skaters, "Meditation from Thais"
Meditation Figure Skaters

Max Vengerov, "Meditation from Thais"
Vengerov Meditation

Ms. Hahn playing Pop:
Ms. Hahn playing pop

Ms. Hahn playing Paganini VC1 vid
Hahn Paganini VC1

Mr. David Oistrakh: Dubussy's Clair de' Lune
Clair de' Lune

Ms. Sarah Chang: Air on G String
Air on G String

Ms. Linda Brava: Bach Gounod Ave Maria
Linda Brava:Ave Maria(Bach)

Mr. Yehudi Menhuin: Schubert's Ave Maria
Menhuin Schubert's Ave Maria

16 Year Old Jascha Heifetz: Schubert's Ave Maria (breathless)
Heifetz:Schubert's Ave MAria

Mr. Joshua Bell: O Mio Babbino Caro
Joshuah Bell: O Mio Babbino Caro

This following inspiration entries leaves the formal world and rocks a little, croons a little, and so on. I hope you enjoy the following interpretations of great showmanship, intensity, and very nice playing.

Shox Rock: Ethnic Rock'n
Shox Rock

Ms. Vanessa Mae at Royal Albert Hall
Vanessa Mae at Royal Albert

One of my all time favorites.
Celtic Woman: Scarborough Fair
Celtic Woman: Scarborough Fair

Mr. I 'Got' Licks: The Foo Fighter
Rock'n that Fiddle

Yanni: Violin Duet (rock'n)
Yanni Violin Duet

Janine Jansen, Bartok Romanian Folk Dances

Carl Linden Orchestra, Gypsy Hungarian Violin Solo
Carl Linden

Andre Rieu: Romeo And Juliet
Andre Rieu

Stephane Grappelli and Martin Taylor: Blue Moon (a true favorite)
Blue Moon

Glenn Miller Band plays Stardust
Having grown up with accomplished Jitterbug pros.
Glenn Miller

Andre Rieu Romantic Paradise Part 1

Andre Rieu Romantic Moments Part 2

Andre Rieu Romantic Moments Part 3

Andre Rieu Romantic Moments Part 4

Jascha Heifetz plays Tchaikovsky Serenade Melancolique

Ara Malikian - Ravel Sonata - 1st Movement
Malikian Ravel

I love hearing Daniel Tringov play.
Daniel Tringov

Leonid Kogan: Said another way: Absolutely Perfectly Breathless
Paganini Cantabile

Sarah Chang: (And like I hadn't had enough already--she slaps my heart.)
Paganini Cantabile

And once again Daniel Tringov, beautifully making the music his own:
Schubert's Ave Maria
Listen closely.  When a song jumps through so much distraction, and then sings..

Leonid Kogan
Serenade Melancolique Op.26

Bazzini Les Rode Des Lutins
Zino Francescetti

Enesco Plays Corelli.

Yo Yo Ma: "Appalachian Waltz"
Appalachian Waltz

What has harp to do with violin?  (new tab--or--window)There is nothing more beautiful to play along with than Sally Fletcher's awesome harp music.. I've used her site for years now, and hope you enjoy it as I do.  I use her Schubert Ave which is in the same keys as Menhuin's frequently.

"I would call the violin, the harp of your heart" (Maxim Vengerov).

Hungarian Violist Bakaja Zolta's Web Site (new tab--or--window)You may have to tinker around with the videos a little in the timeline directly below the video to get them to start playing after they load.

Music Maker Relief Foundation
(new tab--or--window), is a link to one of my personal causes.   Dedicated to the awesome awesome late Etta Baker,  of Morganton North Carolina.  I chose this site because of Music Maker's role in preserving the work of this great lady who contributed so much to the Piedmont Blues.  You can find Etta Baker by browsing the artists. Ms. Baker played with Muddy Waters, BB King and many other Blues Greats.

Classical dot Net
(new tab--or--window) gets tagged, because besides approaching things as I do, their resources are great. And I love classical music as well.