A Violin Practice Space

The Singing Instrument: Violin
Playing really well--means a lot of hard work, and spirit!

Focus of the Week:Todd Ehle adds Color: Springing Arpeggios

elcome to the new home of Fiddler Cove, a site dedicated to the remarkable giving back of Todd Ehle of Corpus Christi Texas.  I will be taking you on an incredible journey of discovery of violin from both my hollow, and the beautiful ridge above the house.     '(Please)' read the disclaimer to the left next.

The  Musical Artistry youtube selection in Fiddler Cove More Help, is an excellent video  that says  what Fiddler Cove
says, directly and completely. Return to this video often while learning the basics--it is so important I have annotated it for those not visiting in English in the More Help pages.. 

Learn the more elementary things about violin first though, in ways that everyday people can understand them.   Then, you will understand the basics yourself!   Maybe.  Sometimes our own words get in the way...  This is, about story-telling, a journey and finding your way on the singing instrument. 

Please read '(How I Use this Site)' to the left before going much further, as well.   Also and important, Fiddler Cove is always growing and changing, just like you hopefully--so visit often.  It is winter where I practice now.

There are very nice resources in every hollow at Fiddler Cove, so please take your time and explore these resources.  Learning continues on the Front Porch in Fiddler Cove Deep Think, and is my favorite hollow.

This site began on blogspot, focused on  Professor Ehle's youtube videos, in the first version.   Todd Ehle's videos have saved me more than once, from making the same mistakes over and over--and over.   Professor Ehle's videos are just amazing, effective, direct and understandable.  

This site is also dedicated is also dedicated to my first deep virtual experience: the world-class  Violinmasterclass dot com, focused from the University of Cincinnati OH USA. 

Violinmasterclass' site, actually may be thought of as the other main perspective that creates the idea of 'Fiddler Cove: A Violin Practice Space', though of course there are some more.  I use this learning site daily, and try my best when possible to support the Starling Foundation

I deeply respect, the method, the structure, the technique and the world class examples that Kurt Sassmannshaus has generously given back.  This giving is not only to the violin community, but as is my goal, to a much broader and diverse community as well. 

You may understand the spirit of this site,  by reading about Ghosts and Goblins, in Fiddler Cove Deep Think.

This site is dedicated as well to the literally hundreds of people around the world who have been part of my violin journey as well.  The names are too many to mention here, but you may encounter them at different places at the Cove.  

A special thank you to Sue Bechler a Suzuki teacher from upstate New York, who years ago opened a door for too many questions,
then regretted it!  Thank you Sue.

There are a few other important main perspectives this site is dedicated to, but the spirit of the effort is focused on getting you first in to learning, then through the awkward stage; and finally to more advanced things if possible. 

The Spirit: in a mature, helping you find your own way when necessary, calm journey.  You will encounter this idea, The Spirit: throughout.

Finally, with the exception of the photo on the Deep Think page, the Sieb page and pages that may have photos of those helping, all photos on this site will be the work of Judy Mckinney, and will change as she continues to create.  

You may click on Judy's  photos for a full view, then click back on your browser--or, right click in the white space and choose 'Back'.  The photos are all taken from our beautiful ridges and hollows.

Whats new:
...more additions to be announced soon, scrubbing text, and so on.  First however, I have to clean the mess I have made here!.