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Purpose of this page:
do you want to learn math, physics and chemistry with the speed and efficiency that you have never throught possible?

How do you learn?

I don't just teaach or tutor. I give you the philosophical or poetic backgrounds of everything. You don't memorize and solve problems like a robot. You learn the art of critical thinking. You push yourself and you will flourish. Yes, you will.

You Can Learn online

We may use Skype or other Online videos you prefer:
  • Do you have a skype account?
  • Decent Webcam
  • Laptop
  • Smart Phone
  • Your desire to learn fast

Are you ready?

Contact me.

What are your goals?
  • if you are an idiot, I will make you feel like and average.
  • If you are an average, I will make you smart.
  • If you are smart, I will make you feel like a genius.
  • If you are already a genius, then I will make you a super genius.

Make a realistic goal.

Then get ready to be surprised.