Constructing the science of social interaction
Social interaction is at the core of being human, but the scientific study of social interaction is challenging.  We have only a limited understanding of the brain and cognitive mechanisms which allow interactions.  New technologies can help us probe and measure human social behaviour without sacrificing the validity of the interaction.  The data we gain allows us to develop and test new theories and models of the neurocognitive mechanisms underlying human sociality.  This workshop will highlight new methods and new theories in the domain of social interaction, and work towards a scientific understanding of how people interact.

Confirmed speakers:

Institute  Research Area
 Dr Bahador Bahrami  UCL Social Cognition
 Prof Beatrice de Gelder Masstrict university Emotion
 Dr Cade McCall Max Plank Leipzig Social Neuroscience
 Dr Daniel Richardson UCL Social Interaction
 Dr Guillaume Dumas University Pierre & Marie Curie Development
 Dr Leo Schilbach University Hospital, Cologne Social Neuroscience
 Dr Marco Gillies Goldsmiths College Virtual Humans
 Prof Mel Slater University of Barcelona & UCL Virtual Reality 
 Dr Merideth Gattis University of Cardiff Development
 Dr Nadia Berthouze UCL Affective Computing
 Prof Salvatore M Aglioti Sapienza University of Rome Social Neuroscience