History of Virtual Photons Electrons, LLC

Dave Edstrom is the CEO/CTO of Virtual Photons Electrons, LLC.   Dave has 31+ years of experience in the computer industry.  Dave Edstrom and Dr. Dave Patterson at UCB were the two individuals who worked together to initiate the MTConnect standard in October 2006 at the annual AMT Members Meeting.

After Oracle officially took over Sun Microsystems, Dave Edstrom and Oracle went in separate directions.  This happened on Friday January 29th, 2010.  The plan was to take off until fall 2010.   That plan changed two weeks later after having lunch with Doug Woods, the President for the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT).  Just like Vito "The Godfather" Corleone in the movie The Godfather, Doug made Dave an offer he could not refuse :-)  After a week, Doug and Dave agreed that AMT would create The Office of Strategic Innovation where Dave would be the Director and report directly to him as a consultant.   A few weeks after that Dave started part time consulting for AMT and where he is currently full time.

As Dave said at the time, "this was an easy decision as the most fun I have had in my career was working on MTConnect with Dr. Dave Patterson of UCB, along with the other UCB professors, Dr. Armando Fox, Will Sobel, Dr. Dave Dornfeld as well as with the CTO and VP of Technology for AMT - Paul Warndorf.  Doug Woods was the Chairman of the Board and John Byrd  whowas the President of AMT at the time.  AMT invested seven figures for the creation of MTConnect.  AMT has proven itself as a true thought leader among all associations."

Virtual Photons Electrons, LLC was created with Julie Hall Edstrom as the President and CFO with Dave Edstrom as the CEO/CTO.
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