My Virtual World 

Im virtual Pathum(Hopes) 

  • Hmmm...My world is virtual... I don't care about anything... 

Do u know the reason why I created this site...? 

It took me less than 5mins to create...

I don't think its a time waste...

Google... Google... Google... The BEST in the NET..

  • The following wedding tip(#563) says something very important to our life..
  • Ok.. I'll write down what it says as it is.. because these tips  changes every day.. It says

"Don't worry if the band or DJ forgets to play a song you requested.

It's possible you're the only one that likes that song anyway!"


Just try to get the concept and keep that in ur mind. It will make ur life more easy..




Guys don't think that Im going to  marry soon because of these wedding tips.. :) 
    Just put them because  they are nice...nothing more.. :D


 Ok lets see the moon today..












 Hmmm... I'm tired of writing the same story again and again... I always trying to write a different story...but always end up with the same thing..

So its better write  nothing...






Pain of Evolution part one



BCS Awards