Real Estate Virtual Assistant, business virtual assistant

As an investor, it becomes very difficult to handle all the activities alone in real estate. You need to take care of all matters like legal, marketing, sales, purchases etc. How do you find time to look into these matters, unless you have a team or some assistant, who can help you? You may struggle to keep up the dates and schedules for your marketing, designing and updating websites, social marketing, search engine optimization, blogging etc. But, you can manage all these by finding a virtual real estate assistant, who can provide you with professional help with all the administrative activities, which otherwise would take up a lot of your time.

What do they do?

Real estate virtual assistants help you to take up and complete such activities like developing websites, sending mailers, newsletters etc to the prospective customers. They can also take care of sending your information to multiple listing services, which can generate many enquiries for your property. They can even place advertisements for you in the newspapers and other types of publications.

There are times, when you would spend many hours, simply archiving digital documents. This can be taken care of by the virtual assistants, who can scan them, review them and if needed print, fax or mail them. In the marketing matters, they can be of immense help. They can undertake a mass mailing campaign to realtors and agents and maintain an appropriate database for the purpose. They can create flyers, brochures, postcards etc for you. You may not be aware and have enough time to keep yourself abreast with the latest technology for designing and developing such marketing stuff. An Online virtual assistant who may be an expert in these areas can be of great help to develop such stuff. They would design it, have it approved from you and finalize it.

Even for the advertisement purposes, the virtual assistant can design and write up advertisements and prepare banners and pass them on to the advertisers of your choice. There are some virtual assistants, who can assist you with the Open Houses with the key points, you would like to be mentioned in the ads. They may even plan tours to sightsee your huge property. They may also help you out with the company book keeping.


•             The real estate virtual assistant can be extremely handy and save you a lot of time to handle the administrative and marketing activities. You could utilize this saved time to other income generating activities.

•             When you want to have an online presence, in the social marketing areas, blogging, discussion groups etc, a virtual assistant can assist you to a large extent. This helps to create a good impression on the prospective customers.

•             Virtual assistants would normally charge you for the actual time taken on allotted tasks. This would save you a lot of time and money.

•             As they provide those services, you do not have to undertake additional people for the same task and you could invest this saved money in purchase of equipments like computers, furniture etc.

•             There are some virtual assistants, who also undertake to call back the customers for follow-up and feedback. This can immensely help you to keep in touch with your customers to make a good impact and also help to get customers referrals.

With the expert help from the virtual assistants, you can concentrate on sales and marketing activities to generate revenues and other matters. Real estate virtual assistants are a boon to the real estate investor to help improve their business to a large extent.