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Graphics/Techniques/Remove background

In Photoshop 6

1. Open the image in Photoshop (note the image can be a pdf file)
Create a New file containing just the image you want
2. Select the "Rectangular Marquee: Tool and drag over the image you want to use
(use [Ctrl]+ [+] to enlarge the image if it you want to enlarge it to make it easier)
3. Copy using [Ctrl]+[C]
4. Go File > New .. 
 > Change the Color Mode to 16bit (32 bit will not work!) then [OK]
> [Ctrl]+[V] to Paste the image  
(Note how Photoshop was clever enough to work out the size!)
5. In the Right hand pane in the Layers tab, click on the [Background] Layer, hit delete to remove.
6. Enlarge the image (use [Ctrl]+[+]
7. Select the Magic wand tool.
8. Click on the outside of the image, this will select the outline of the image (if there are lots of speckles you may need to change the Tolerance - 35 seems to work fine for me)
9. Now carefully look at the image. If you have any inner bits you will need to select them individually. Hold down the [Shift] key and click inside the bits. (If you make a mistake use the [Ctrl]+[Wand] to remove the bit).
10. When all the bits look ok, Hit [Delete]. This makes the background transparent
11. Save the file as a PNG (a jpg does not allow for a transparent background) Setting the Compression to None/Fast

This can be dragged into other programs like Word. 
Some Word tips
  • In Word you can change the position so that the image floats over the page.
  • If you want to retain the sharpness you may need to turn off the image compression setting in Word 
    Use File > Options > Advanced > And make sure "Do not compress images in file" is checked.
  • You can fiddle with the image, by clicking on the image to select, then use the Picture Tools tab > FORMAT, then 
    • Corrections. I found Softening by one can make a pixelated image better.
    • Color. I found making it blue in Recolor makes the image look like a biro. Once done re-click on the Color and you can change the Color tone to make it darker.