Museum Entry Hall

Curators as ancestors

Each chapter curator has "morphed" his or her photo with an ancestral hominid species.

To see all these curator-ancestors, and read each curator's overall response to Darwin's theories, go to the Museum Curator page: Museum Curators


Visit the Word Art Gallery of the Origin
to see "word clouds" of chapters from The Origin of Species, created by chapter curators, using Wordle.

Word Art Gallery of the Origin


Welcome to the Virtual Museum of The Origin of Species.  The exhibits in this museum were created by Seattle Academy high school students, enrolled in an Evolution Seminar course, during the winter of 2009 - 2010.

After reading the book's keystone chapter ("Natural Selection"), each student wrote a letter to Charles Darwin, commenting on his theory of evolution by natural selection, and asking questions.  Thanks to our "time machine," Darwin answered each of these letters.  To see the students' letters, and Darwin's replies, click the "Letters to Darwin" link on the left-hand sidebar.

Next, each student studied a particular chapter of the 1st edition of The Origin of Species, written by Charles Darwin, published in 1859.  Click on the chapter links to the left, to see the exhibits prepared by each student.

Question and Comments