Fly this way

  1. Start with the kite on the ground.
  2. Film the kite being flown. 
  3. Choose a continuous sequence of 60~90 seconds.
  4. Make the video with no in-flight edits (titles in and out are OK)
  5. Email the video file (<20MB - GMail has increased their attachment limit).
  6. When the round finishes score your competitors videos.
  7. Enjoy !

Some pointers:

  • In keeping with the founding principles, the kite should remain in frame for the whole of the video but momentary disappearances are acceptable. Extended periods off screen or repeated occurrences may be grounds for rejecting a video by the organiser and can be expected to incur a discretionary score penalty from the other entrants.
  • Feel free to make a production out of this but don't make the intro. too long as this can't be skipped. If the routine hasn't started after 20 seconds... too much.
  • No scores = DQ. If other people have taken the time to score your video then extend them the same courtesy.
  • "OUT" can be in-air or on the ground. "IN" must be on the ground.
  • A slightly short video will probably be OK. 90 seconds is the absolute maximum.
  • An in-focus, reasonably sized video will allow people to admire your flying far better than a fuzzy moving postage-stamp.
  • Don't use a strange video format. Make it easy for others to see your flying. The video will be checked using the current version of VLC Portable. If it doesn't run, the video will be rejected.
  • 20MB is the absolute limit for submission. If you want to host another, larger file as an alternative that's fine too but your entry is the 20MB submission.
Take a look around at some of the entries from previous rounds to see what does get through. Feel free to drop us a line if you're still unsure.

Scoring is 0~10 for Technical (what was flown) and 0~10 for Artistic (how it was flown). In practice 0:0 should be almost impossible to get and 10:10 would be quite rare too. But your scores are yours alone and are kept anonymous.