Well.... did I ?

Virtual Freestyle has now completed its thirteenth round. It ran from June the 1st until July the 13th 2009.


Thomas Petersen, David Wilson, José Carlos Roque Antão, Sven Arnesen, Dennis Nickell, Adam Pollitt, Davide Equizzi, Andy Booth, Thomas Kippel, Tom Patterson, Dave Hearn, Ben Leigh, Bram Bijlhout, Carlo de Rond, Martin Madsen, Al Tanner, Luca Piattoni, Jesper Rasmussen, Mike Fogg, Jon Eales, Robert Munning, Jared Haworth, Bryan Beasley, Jay Couey, Pierre ter Bogt, Henri Nijenhuis, Brian Litke, Robbie Boerth, Eric Beaudry,, Piero Serra, Will Sturdy, Shannon Winterdaze, Monty Escabi. (33)

The videos page is now up.


Benson Deep Space UL (donated by Tim Benson). That's right.... UL, not available in shops (yet) and to your colour choice unless Tim decides it's horrible. The winner will be drawn from all entrants but this will be a reverse draw: last one out wins. And that lucky, lucky man was Eric Beaudry who was taking part for the first time.

All of the prizes below will also be drawn from all entrants but the competition winner gets to choose one for themselves.

A pair of Aerostuff "Zen" spars, 10g and yet bloody stiff (donated by Carl Robertshaw), went to Pierre ter Bogt.

A complete set of airbrakes from Kite Related Design (also from Carl Robertshaw) will be slowing down Jared Haworth.

Five pairs (one of each type) of Kite Related Design's flying straps (again.... His Carlness) will give Carlo de Rond plenty of choices.

£25 in FA KiteQuids (from oldflyer and zippy8) will have to be spent by Brian Litke at the FA shop.

A totally happenin' IckyTV t-shirt; all black and moody (donated by Carlo de Rond) was nabbed by Piero Serra as reward for topping the score lists.

One of the new-style but still rare VF Mugs, and another one going to the top placed first timer. These will be enhancing the beverage consumption time of Tom Patterson, Sven Arnesen and, because I can't read, another going to Pierre ter Bogt.