Strong threat and menace permitted


Round 15 will take place from May the 1st to June the 12th, 2010. There will be two further weeks for judging after the closing date.


Click on a name to link to the video entry. All entries in one ZIP file (205MB).

These entries are larger than 20MB and feature the same flying.
Fidelio's entry on YouTube
John Chilese's entry on YouTube
Alexander Belov's entry on Vimeo

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This round has the main prizes jointly donated by GWTW and Prism Kites. They have very generously provided five of the new 4D, complete and ready to fly, and every entrant will have at least 3 chances to win one. They will be distributed this way:-
  • as chosen by the entrants - pick who you think deserves one for whatever reason
  • random draw of all entrants
  • random draw of only those entering VF for the first time
  • random draw of only those entering VF for not the first time
  • random draw for those entering using a Prism kite
  And oh yeah; maximum one 4D per person. No need to be greedy.