Round 16 had a deadline for submissions of Sunday the 29th of August 2010. All the scores were in nice and quick so the results were announced on September the 8th via the medium of a short video.


Click on a name to link to the video entry.A 172MB ZIP file of all 13 entries.

All of the videos are checked before acceptance with the current version of VLC Portable. If you have any problems playing any of the entries then you might try this first. If it still won't play... turn the handle faster on your venerable computer.

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This round has a smattering of prizes. I think we've possibly gone over the top in recent rounds with it becoming more like a lucky dip.
  • a Mullins Area 51 - from the second wave of UK trick kites, this is the kite that taught a generation to Backspin. Pristine condition and belying it's 10 years of age.
  • £25 to spend at the Fractured Axel shop
  • three VF mugs of a new and exciting design.
Finally Lucie Hemminga will select her favourite video and give that flyer a copy of the laugh-a-minute international bestseller "The Kiterunner".

All other prizes will be awarded on the basis of a random draw apart from one mug going to sixth place. Why ? Why not.