EuroCALL 2008 Virtual Strand 

4th - 6th September  


With the permission of their presenters, you can find a selection of audio-recordings of regular session presentations from the conference.

The recordings were made using digital voice recorders and are provided in .wav format. We know they are not, in the strict sense of the word, "podcasts", but we hope that you will find them interesting and that they will give you a flavour of the conference. More recordings will be added as the conference proceeds.

We would like to thank the presenters, the technical team and the conference organisers for making this possible.

Please note: unless marked otherwise, all recordings are in .wav format

Opening Ceremony This session is now available in .wmv

Daniels, P. http://www.kodolanyi.hu/eurocall/paul_daniels_session_room1.wav

Barrault-Méthy, A-M., Vinet, D. & Walton, M. Use of online European Language Portfolio did not increase student learner autonomy or motivation (Session A Room 2)

Shankin, M.T. & Lyman-Hager, M.A. The Chinese Pilot: Internet-based Oral Skills Assessment (Session A Room 3)

Campbell, A. Can voice-morphing technology assist classroom-based language learning?(Session B Room 3)

Söntgens, K. Podcasts, Motivation, Independence and Collaboration: How does it all fit together?(Session B room 6 A00119)

Ruthven-Stuart, P. Integrating Courseware into Communication classes for non-language majors: explaining the successes and failures (Session B Room 6 A0092)

Browne, C., Menish, M. & Pagel, J.W. Podcasting and MALL for EFL University Students (Session C Room 3)

Louwagie, B. & Desmet, P. The use of tracking and logging data in CALL-environments: challenges and threats (Session H Room 4) .wma format