EuroCALL 2008 Virtual Strand

3rd - 6th September

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Prof. Andrea Kárpáti

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Dr. Patrik Svensson

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Chuang Fei-Yu


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This website is a work in progress. The content will be changed and updated regularly and links will become live as more information becomes available. 

Please check this page frequently!

CORRECTION! 2nd September 2008 The date for Chuang Fei Yu's online presentation is:

4th September 2008, 12:30 - 13:15, Székesféhervár local time (GMT +2) NOT 3rd September as erroneously stated in the announcement below. Please accept our apologies for this error.

ANNOUNCEMENT! 31st August 2008.  Book your place for the online events!!

Online events take place using DimDim (
Pease email: virtualeurocallATgmailDOTcom (replacing AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols) to reserve a place.

Online presentation, 3rd September 2008, 12:30 - 13:15, Székesféhervár local time (GMT +2)
Chuang Fei-Yu - "Exploring the use of mobile phones in grammar learning"

Q&A session 6th September 2008, 12:15 - 13:00, Székesféhervár local time (GMT +2)
Patrik Svensson will be available to discuss his plenary presentation, "Language Learning in a Digital World: from language laboratory to Parkour Performance".

Both of these events promise to be very interesting, and we hope you will sign up for them - places are limited, so please do so as soon as possible!

You can read the abstracts for both presentations at:

ANNOUNCEMENT! 28th August 2008.The Virtual Strand discussion list is now underway. Virtual Strand delegates should have received an invitation to join via email. Please visit the discussion group and join in the existing discussions or start a topic of your own.

ANNOUNCEMENT! 28th August 2008.  If you would like to be a conference blogger, please email:


(replacing AT and DOT with the appropriate symbols) with a message heading of "I'd like to be a conference blogger" (you need to be a Virtual Strand delegate or at the conference in Székesféhervár to join the blogging team).

ANNOUNCEMENT! 27th August 2008. All online places for the Second Life and Lively pre-conference workshop are now taken. If you'd like to visit the EuroCALL HQ in Second Life, you can still do so - just download the document called Euro08PCWSL.doc from the Resources page and follow the instructions...

Here, you'll find links to:

  • the conference blog which will offer reports and reflections concerning presentations and social events during the conference. These may be text, audio or photographic entries.
  • The two pre-conference workshops associated with the Virtual Strand:
    • the Virtual Strand pre-conference workshop. This will be entirely online and will give you the opportunity to try out all the tools we will be using this year. If you have registered to join the EuroCALL Virtual Strand 2008, you will be sent details of the pre-conference workshop approximately one week before the EuroCALL Conference takes place in Székesféhervár.
    • the Second Life and Lively pre-conference workshop. If you want to take part in this workshop, please click here to register for it via the pre-conference workshop page. 

Please note: Places for this workshop are limited!  There are only TEN places available for face-to-face participants and FOUR places for online participants.

As of 27th August, all online places have been taken.

  • streamed and archived versions of plenary presentations
  • online presentations
  • a Virtual Strand discussion list. Sometimes you may wish to use this because timezone differences can make it difficult to talk to other delegates in real time. You will be automatically invited to join this list and we hope you will use it to chat with each other.
  • a Virtual Strand Chat Room using Lively.
      • NB: You will need a Google account to access this chatroom. Unfortunately, Lively only uses Windows Operating Systems. If you use MAC OS or Linux, you cannot presently access Lively. If you wish to chat synchronously but don't have a Windows OS, it is suggested that you post a message to the discussion list, asking other delegates to join you in the chat tool of your choice.
  • a Resources page with links to:
  • an introduction to blogging for the EuroCALL 2008 Virtual Strand
  • documents and activities for the pre-conference workshops