Virtual-C IDE

About Virtual-C IDE

  • A platform for learning and teaching the C programming language
  • A simple development environment to represent the data and control flow of a C program
  • It provides an editor, compiler / linker and debugger.
  • Support for ISO C11
  • Visualizing ISO C11 threads
  • No complicated adjustments or project settings need to be done. Just compile and run your C-files.
  • Many examples from the (German) book: "Start in die C-Programmierung" gives you an easy start
  • It is freeware for private (uncommercial) usage!
  • Interested? Look at the (short) manual
  • Catch a glimpse at the compiler: SimpleC
  • ... or read the review from Mihaela Teodorovici at Softpedia.

     Testing Framework TSC

    • From Version 1.4, the Virtual-C IDE comes with TSC (test suite compiler) - an integrated unit testing framework. Look at the tsc manual tsc.pdf

      Download the Virtual-C IDE

        Version 1.7  available New: Patch 1.7.2

      • Free download for Microsoft Windows (XP, 7, 8, 10):
        VirtualC172.zip Windows Installer (about 11 MB)
      • Free download for Mac (OS X 10.7-10.11):
        VirtualC172.dmg.gz A zipped disk image (about 20 MB)
      • Free download for Linux (i386, .deb package):
        virtualc_1.7.2_i386.deb  (about 3 MB)

      • Please read the ReleaseNotes.txt first!
      • Deploying Virtual-C Apps on the Web? Read my short tutorial about using Emscripten. 

       First Android Version 

       Secure Download at heise.de

      Virtual-C IDE - Download - heise online