5 Qualities A Top Virtual Administrative Assistant Must Have.

In today's busy world, virtual Administrative assistant are increasingly in demand. If you have worked in an office setting as an administrative assistant or secretary, then you already of the skills you need to do virtual assisting.


Skills are one thing, but it takes more than being good datae entry , desktop publishing, composing letters or powerpoint slides. These skills are important, but there's another level of hidden skills that are equally important in this business.


5 Top Characteristics of a Virtual Assistant


Self-Motivation - When you work a 9-5 job, you come into the office at a certain time, do your work, take breaks and leave at a set schedule. You know what your boss expects of you and someone else determines how much work you do and when you do it.


When you're the boss, the buck stops with you. A top virtual assistant plans out their schedule ahead of time and shows up at the home office ready to work.


When working at home, it's way too easy to let distractions get you off course. However, if you don't work, you don't make money. The best virtual assistants are self-motivated go-getters.


Organized - Once your business takes off and you are working for several clients, you'll need to keep your workspace and projects organized. Maybe this seems like a given, but it does take some effort and planning to stay on top of things.



Disorganization can cause you to become overwhelmed, which leads to mistakes, which could cost you clients. Stay organized.


Resourcefulness - One of the exciting things about the various virtual assistant jobs that you'll do is learning how to be a vast resource of information. This doesn't mean that you'll know everything, but you'll be willing to dig around, do research and come up with an answer to the best of your ability.


Occasionally, you'll have to put your problem solver hat on and figure out the answer to something that's baffling you or your client. Remember, when you don't know something, reaching out and asking others for help is okay.


Good Communication Skills - Even though you'll be working at home, as a top quality virtual assistant, you'll be constantly communicating with clients. If you're shy and not comfortable talking to people then this business isn't for you.


Communication skills are essential when discussing details of projects. You need to be able to ask clients the right questions so you can do a great job on their project. Clear, concise communication is a must.


Be a Professional - As an independent virtual assistant, you are a professional service provider. It is not just a job that you do from home - it's YOUR business. Your bread and butter.


Always project self-confidence and professionalism when dealing with clients and potential clients. Be prepared for them to ask you some questions about your qualifications.

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