Organ Orange

Organ Orange is a non-profit organization founded by Layne Skrupky, a former Viroqua cross country runner who finished 18th in the Wisconsin State Meet in 2001.  Read the following note from Layne, check out the website, buy merchandise or donate, and show how much Viroqua cares!

Note from Organ Orange founder, Layne Skrupky

Only after learning how organ transplantation would change my life did I realize a growing need for organ donation awareness. Organ Orange was created from my desire to give back and help others in need as they, too, faced similar challenges. I have been blessed with loving friends and family, colleagues, and even strangers who have supported me and brought hope to my uncertain journey. By supporting Organ Orange, you can help draw attention to the countless lives saved through organ donation. More importantly, you have the opportunity to share with all those affected by organ donation that you care, you notice, and you are supporting their fight. 

Organ Orange is currently applying to be recognized as a non-profit charitable organization under section 501 (c)(3) of the tax code.  Organ Orange has launched an ‘orange’ campaign. Our vision is to create an emotional impact by linking the color orange with organ donation awareness.  The campaign is designed to bring current information regarding organ donation and transplantation to the forefront. Organ Orange further wishes to offset the expense of organ transplantation to patients by donating profits to patient-focused nonprofit organizations in Wisconsin.  We invite those who are interested to pledge to be a donor by registering with their state organ registrations.

Organ Orange invites you to join the ‘orange’ campaign and help us take the mission of Organ Orange to the public.  You have the opportunity to be a part of something special!  

Mission Statement:

Our mission at Organ Orange is to unite a supportive community to bring awareness to the many lives saved through organ donation.

Through the purchase of promotional items, participation in future events, and/or by pledging to be a donor, we invite you to join the 'orange' campaign.

Embrace Orange!