Welcome to Viroqua Cross Country!  Here you will find information regarding individual expectations, team rules, letter winning guidelines, practices, events, and health.  


Athlete Expectations:

  1. Have fun while maintaining high standards!
  2. Abide by the Viroqua High School Activity Code.
  3. Be a positive representative of Viroqua High School and our community.
  4. Maintain high academic standards.
  5. Maintain a positive attitude.
  6. Follow coach’s instructions.
  7. Exhibit dedication to both team and personal improvement.
  8. Set goals and work hard to achieve them.
  9. Do not let down your teammates!



  1. Runners are expected to participate in all practices and events.
  2. If unable to attend a practice or event, runners must contact the coach in advance.  
  3. Excused absences include: medical or dental appointments, school functions, funerals, church, and illness.  The coach will make the final decision on whether or not to excuse an absence due to illness.
  4. Unexcused absences include, but are not limited to: haircuts, work, failure to inform coach of absence, detention or suspension.
  5. Team points may be deducted due to unexcused absences.
  6. Runners are expected to be in school the day before, day of, and day after an event.
  7. Missing two days of practice (due to illness, injury, or absence not cleared by coach) the week of an event may result in loss of opportunity to compete.
  8. Runners not allowed to compete in an event are expected to attend the event and perform managerial duties assigned by the coach.
  9. Runners may be excused from the team if attendance at practice or school becomes an issue.



  1. Runners are expected to hold high academic standards for themselves.
  2. Runners must be academically eligible to compete in events.



  1. Practice time is scheduled on weekdays from 3:30 pm until 5:30 pm during the school year.  Any runners working weeknights must adjust their work schedules accordingly.
  2. Practices before the first day of school will normally be held from 8:00 am until 10:00 am.
  3. Runners are expected to be at all practices unless cleared by the coach at least one day in advance. 
  4. Strength training is an important aspect of running.  Strength training sessions will be integrated into practices and are mandatory for all runners.
  5. Individual practices may be designed for runners of different fitness levels.  



  1. Events are usually scheduled on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays with exceptions.
  2. All meets include at least one boys race (3.1 miles / 5000 m) and one girls race (3.1 miles / 5000 m).  Many meets also include junior varsity and junior high races.
  3. Seven runners per team are allowed to race in a varsity race.  The top five times for each team will be used for scoring purposes with #6 and #7 used as “pushers.”
  4. It is the runner’s responsibility to know and follow all racing rules and regulations involving, but not limited to uniforms, spikes, and jewelry.
  5. It is appreciated if runners wear the following apparel at all times before, during, and after an event, which includes:
    1. Uniform: team issued
    2. T-shirt: Viroqua Cross Country T-shirt or Viroqua T-shirt (if runner doesn’t have team t-shirt)
    3. Shorts:  black shorts or Viroqua shorts
    4. Pants:  Team pants, black sweatpants, or black wind pants
    5. Jacket:  Team top or Viroqua top
    6. Footwear:  Racing flats or training shoes


Health Issues:

*The sport of cross country is a physically demanding sport.  The following guidelines must be taken seriously.

  1. Proper nutrition is extremely important in preparing for events and in staying physically fit.
  2. Runners must make sure to get enough sleep. At least 8 hours of sleep each night is needed to allow the body to recover and assure optimal performance.
  3. Proper footwear must be worn during practices and events to prevent injuries.  Training shoes generally provide enough support for 300 to 500 miles of running.
  4. When done correctly and often, stretching helps prevent injuries.
  5. Runners should avoid carbonated beverages and junk food, as they have been shown to decrease athletic performance.
  6. Runners must inform the coach of any pain or injuries.  If let go too long, easily treatable injuries may become severe.



  1. All runners must ride the bus to an event in order to participate unless cleared by the coach, athletic director, and principle in advance.
  2. Runners are expected to arrive at school 15 minutes prior to the scheduled departure time to help load equipment onto the bus.
  3. Runners missing the bus, but making it to the meet may not be allowed to run in the meet.  
  4. Runners are expected to remain at an event until after the awards ceremony.  After the ceremony, a runner may leave with his or her parents after they talk to the coach and fill out the sign-out sheet.  Parents must contact the coach at least one day in advance if they will need to leave an event before the ceremony.
  5. Runners will not be allowed to leave an event with anyone other than their own parents or adult siblings. (Note following exception)
  6. Runners are not allowed to leave with other runners’ parents unless cleared through the principal, athletic director, and coach.  An alternative transportation request must be filled out by all parties involved and both runners’ parents must personally talk to the coach, athletic director, and principal at least one day before the event.
  7. Traditionally, parents host spaghetti dinners on evenings preceding races. Spaghetti dinners are not team-sponsored events.  Attendance is not mandatory and transportation will not be provided by the school district.


Letter Winning Guidelines:

  1. Runners must earn an average of at least 1 team point per race (through conference) to earn a varsity letter.  Team points are earned as follows (assuming full team):
    1. 1st on varsity team: 7 points
    2. 2nd: 6 points
    3. 3rd: 5 points
    4. 4th: 4 points
    5. 5th: 3 points
    6. 6th: 2 points
    7. 7th: 1 point
    8. Any junior varsity runner finishing with a faster time than a Viroqua varsity runner will earn a team point.
  2. Runners must compete in at least half of the meets for the season, barring injury.
  3. Runners must participate in LPs (Letter winner practices).
  4. Points may be deducted for discipline or attendance issues.
  5. Runners must finish the season in good standing.
  6. Runners will be given the chance to earn extra team points as follows:
    1. School spirit point: earned by runners attending at least 6 other Viroqua fall athletic events.
    2. Academic point:  earned by runners maintaining a 3.5 GPA for the season.
    3. Other chances may be given during the season.  These will be discussed in team meetings.
  7. Seniors who have competed on the team for 4 years are eligible to earn a letter based on commitment to the team and the sport rather than on points.
  8. Final point and letter winning decisions will be made by the coach.



  1. Emergency card:  must be signed by parents and turned in to coach before first practice
  2. Physical card:  every other year, turn in to office
  3. Parental card:  on year following physical, turn in to office
  4. Athletic code:  every year, turn in to office
  5. Alternative transportation form:  to be filled out at least one day prior to event (if leaving from meet), turn in to coach
  6. Sign-out sheet:  parent must sign before taking runner home after an event
  7. Athletic Trainer forms



  1. Most Valuable Runner:  Team points will be given the most weight in determining this award, however, the final decision is made by the coach.
  2. Most Improved:  Improvement in times over last season will be used to determine this award.
  3. Rookie of the Year:  Team points will be given the most weight in determining this award, however, the final decision is made by the coach.