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Open Enrollment is a State of Wisconsin program that allows a student who resides in one district to attend school in a different State of Wisconsin district. 
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Once your child has been approved and continues to attend the Viroqua Area School District through Open Enrollment, you do not have to re-apply every year.  

How can and when to apply?
The initial open enrollment application period for the 2017-18 school year was February 6- April 28, 2017. After July 1, parent may submit an Alternative Open Enrollment Application.  See information below.

The initial open enrollment application period for the 2016-17 school year was open February 1- April 29, 2016.  Parents normally apply for open enrollment for the following school year during a three-month application period which begins in February and ends on the last weekday in April. However, 2011 Act 114 established a procedure by which parents may apply for open enrollment outside the regular application period.

There are seven circumstances under which a parent can apply for an exception. Please see brochure below for a list of special circumstances and procedures for applying for open enrollment as an exception.

How can parents apply?
The open enrollment exception application is available below. The parent must specify at least one of the allowable criteria upon which the request is based and provide an explanation of the circumstances leading to the request. 

If you have questions regarding the open enrollment exception application process, please contact Beth Vold at 608-637-1181, or e-mail: You may also visit the 
DPI Open Enrollment website.

Open Enrollment Exception Application

  Alternative Procedures for Applying for Open Enrollment

Parents may apply in one of two ways:
Submit Open Enrollment Application Online at this Link. (Available February 6- April 28, 2017)
Although on-line application is recommended, paper applications may be obtained from the VAS District Office and must be delivered (hand-delivery is recommended) by the application deadline.  

If you have questions regarding the open enrollment process, please contact Beth Vold at 608-637-1181, or e-mail: 

February 6 to April 28, 2017 - Parents must submit applications online or directly to the non-resident school district.
Late applications will not be accepted for any reason.

June 9th, 2017Schools Boards will take action on the Open Enrollment applications at their regular May meetings and families will be notified of approval by June 9th, 2017.

June 9, 2017 - Nonresident school districts must mail notices of approval of denial.  If the applications is approved, the 
school districts must notify the parents of the specific school or program to which the pupil is assigned.  
If the application is denied, parent by 30 days to file an appeal. 

June 16, 2017 - Resident districts must notify applicants if the application is denied. If the application is denied, 
parents have 30 days to file an appeal.

June 30, 2017 - Parents of accepted applicants must notify non-resident districts whether the student will open enroll in the 2017-18 school year.
 If the parent fails to make this notification, the non-resident district may refuse to allow the student to attend the district.

Types of Tuition Waivers and eligibility requirements

Under certain circumstances, state law permits your child to continue to attend school in a school district even after you move out of the school district.

The law covers three circumstances in which your child may, if certain requirements are met, continue to attend a school district even if you are no longer a resident:

1. When you move out of a school district during a school year and wish your child to finish that school year in the school district.

2. When you move out of a school district during a school year and wish your child to not only finish the current school year in the school district, but to continue to attend that school district in the future.

3. When your child has attained senior status while a resident of the school district and wishes to attend the district in her or his senior year (this is often referred to as “the senior rule”).

Each of these circumstances has its own set of statutory rules that must be followed exactly in order for the student to continue to attend school in the district.

Contact Beth Vold at the District Office (608)637-1181 or e-mail: for more information.

Did you know that if you are planning to move outside the school district, your children
may be eligible to continue attending Viroqua Area Schools?

Contact Beth Vold at
the District Office (608)637-1181 or e-mail: for more information.