Snow Make-Up Days

Dear Parents and Guardians,

Thank you everyone for being so understanding and flexible dealing with the challenges that our weather has been handing us this school year. Due to the number of days we've had to cancel school, we will need to make up some of this time. In an effort to make as little change as possible to our school calendar, we have made the following changes to add extra classroom time.
Students will have a full day of school on Wednesday, February 22 and Thursday, June 1. (NOTE: These dates were previously not full days of school)  The last day of school is now Friday, June 2.
Please keep in mind that if we have anymore days that are delayed or closed, we will add those school days to the end of the school year. Please contact your student's teacher  or building office with any questions or concerns. 

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       2017-18 SCHOOL YEAR
Parents may apply in one of two ways:
Submit Open Enrollment Application Online at this Link. (Available February 6- April 28, 2017)
Although on-line application is recommended, paper applications may be obtained from the VAS District Office and must be delivered (hand-delivery is recommended) by the application deadline.  
If you have questions regarding the open enrollment process, please contact Beth Vold at 608-637-1181, or e-mail: 

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 through this.  We will continue to 
provide this information as timely
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