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                                         INTERACTIVE   MOBILE    iNET & VIDEO 

  • 1                                                         N/ MOBILEtm                        
                                           Intelligent  Mobile  Vision
                                      Graphix & eText:  Zoom-Viewing
                                Interactive Media:  Displays & Projectors
      - To lmprove the dynamic Visulization and Readability of Mobile-Net Graphics and eText
Media, - thru the  utilization of Intelligent I-Vision Technology,  I / OPTICStm  offers advanced
Interactive I-Display Systems
, - that enhance the Viewing & Scalability  of
                                   I.   iPHONES: -Global/Mobile Touch-Display / Access
                                   II.  iPADS: - Interactive Multi-Media;  TV Video Nets
           - Offering High-Quality / Magnified  Mobile-Visualization options, with: 
                                 III. TV/DISPLAYS: - Smart Hi-Def. TV/Media & Info. Displays, - to 60"
                                 IV.  iPROJECTORS: - ZOOM  Hi-Res. iNet, A/Video & Text, - up to 80" 
  - providing universal operability and high-performance / mobile  Access, for Hi-Def / Hi-Res.
 magnified Viewing of:
                         Internet: - ZOOM - Text - Graphix - Video
                    MultiMedia HiDef. TV & HiRes. Displays
    - These improved Graphix and Text capabilities directly support enhanced Visual presentation
 and Text readability for:  
                                              INTERNET       -          TV/DISPLAYS  
                                              E / MEDIA         -          AUDIO/VIDEO
                                             NEWS/TEXT      -          PROJECTORS


     These integrated Mobility/Computing capabilities also enable the proactive / economical 

deployment of Interoperable Networking and Multi-Media functions, - for meetings or special visualization needs,


                              -  Touch / Gestures   or   Voice Commands  -


                              -  WiFi/Wireless   -   Cellular   -   Cable I/O  -


- to provide Smart/Mobile Viewing. with wireless TV/Display interfaces and iCloud Computingfeatures, - for: 

                         iPhones        iPads        TVDisplays     iProjectors



 - on Wireless, Cable, Cellular, WiMax, Cellular, Satellite or V-LANnetworks, to offer Mobility/ 

Cloud Computing & Software Apps, - for:


                                       BUSINESS                            CONSUMER                  

                                                 INTELLIGENCE                                  A-V / TELEVISION

                                                CONFERENCES                                   ENTERTAINMENT
                                               RFID/TRACKING                                  MEDIA / GRAPHICS
                                                DISPLAY/SIGNS                                      SOCIAL/PHOTOS
                                                ADVERTISING                                         E/COMMERCE
                                                 INSPECTION                                            NAVIGATION
                                                 E / ENERGY                                               EDUCATION    
      These Interactive Mobility systems are offered for ussage with both Apple and Android
 Smart-Terminals & Operating/Systems,  for universal MultiMedia  Zoom/Viewing & Mobile
 Graphix Display capabilities.  
  - The I / OPTICStm  Net-Vision systems are now available for Mobileimplementation, 
at base prices of $199.  - & up,  depending on options.  
    Please reference the systems  SPECS  for technical features and related information on
I / OPTICStm  cMobile Interactive  terminals. 
      Also, directly contact the I / O  support staff for recommendations on pending Mobile / 
Graphics operations, or  for compatible Audio/Video 
systems requirements, - at: 
                                                                   Interactive Mobility  Displays
                                                  Mobile  Graphics  Intelligence
                                               E.Mail:  iCom@usa.com 
                                        Visit:       i/Max PC