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                                     ASC  SYSTEMS
                                                  Technology / Consulting  Services
                                           ASC SYSTEMS provides Integrated Information Technology
                                   and Computing Solutions, including Networking Systems; and
                                   Management / Consulting Services in Commerce and Industry, -
                                   - for:
                                           Data - Centers                            Mobility Networks
                                  Cloud Computing                        iPhone & iPad Apps
                                                                 - FEATURING -
                                                                            ENTERPRISE  I-T CONSULTING
                                                                            I-T  SYSTEMS  / DEVELOPMENT
                                                                          IMPLEMENTATION & I-T STAFFING 
                                                                        SYSTEM SECURITY / INTELLIGENCE
                                                                       LAN/WAN NETWORKS & MOBILE APPS
                                                   - - ASC SYSTEMS offers professional  I-T Consulting and Managerial
                                              Services for the implemention of Advanced Systems for Enhancement of
                                              Business Services
, Information Technology and Computer / Networking
                                              facilities may 
that utilize integrated I-T Software / Products from premier
                                              suppliers including
                                                  IBM, SAP, Oracle or Microsoft, - for: 
                                                                                     - I-T and iCloud Systems   
                                                                                     - System Analysis/ Design 
                                                                                     - Software / Develo pment
                                                                                     - Computer  Programming
                                                                                     - DBA and CRM / Logistics 
                                                                                     - E-Intelligence / Analytics                 
                                                                                     - Big-Data/Info Monitoring
                                                                                     - Networking Management 
                                                                                     - Cloud / Virtual Computing
                                                                                     - Enterprise I-T Intelligence
                                                                                     - Net/VPN System Security
                                                                                     - Collaborative  Networking
   - Computers and Net Servers
                                                                                     - V-M  / NAS / RAID  Storage
                                                                                     - Mobile/Touch Internet Apps 
                                                                                     - WiMax & RFID/POS Security 
                                                         ASC SYSTEMS also actively supports Community Responsibility
Economic Growth activities, -thru 
directed services that contribute
                                                 to the development of I-T business services 
and commerce expansion
                                                 , including:
                                                                                     - I-T  Solutions
                                                                                     - iNet Consulting
                                                                                     - Staff Placements 
                                                                                     - Technical Analytics
                                                                                     - Systems Integration
                                                                                     - Network  Intelligence

                                                            - - Empower your upcoming Systems Development and Support
                                                       requirements by contacting the I-T / Enterprise Technology Staff at
                                                       ASC SYSTEMS.


System Engineering

Computers - Software
                Networks and Mobility 
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