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I keep a selection of the funniest videos I have ever seen on my youtube channel. And some messages from me to the "fam" as well.

     Do you like traveling? Me too!!! Yay! 
If I live to be an old lady (... wait, did I just say "old"? No, no, no, no, no. I will never get old. I will always be 21. But if I get to be 21 for many many years), I want to travel the world ... and write about it. 
     So check out my Travel Diaries if you want some tips on planning your trips.
And  while you're on the plane to your destination, you could read My Books and travel back to 1964 or to my wacky childhood.

The Little Girl From Yesterday

A girl travels back to 1964 to meet The Beatles and try to gain the heart of Paul McCartney.
I wrote this book in Portuguese when I was 13. Since then my dream has been to translate it to English and put it in the hands of Paul McCartney. The translation is done and published. I have made several attempts to get it to Paul, including putting it on the hands of his concert security members. I have no idea if any of them have been successful

The 5 Most Humble People in the World:  How I Met the Other 4

Humble Vika lets you laugh at her daily episodes  of ADD, complete inability to do math, and wacky family and friends, while you try to find the other 4.

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