Renegades Playing in the World Scout League

No one has been able to figure out a way to play something besides an endless stream of tournaments, one after another, one week after another, one city after another. Your son has probably played in 8:00 a.m. games 45 minutes away from your hotel, in a tournament so big that you constantly play in meaningless pool games. Like the games themselves, attendance from college coaches and scouts are scattered, all because event organizers will jam as many teams into an event as they possibly can for their own financial gain.

World Scout League Highlights: WSL Web Site
Better Competition - The League is invite only. Having the best teams involved only means playing against better competition each and every game. That means your player's will improve as the talent level improves around them and against them.

Five-Team Divisions - There will be five-team divisions across each group based on geography. You will play two games vs. each "local" divisional rival (8 total games). Limited or no hotels necessary!

Two "Regional" Weekends - You will play against two other neighboring divisions (one hosted by a team within your local division and one hosted by another division). These four-game weekends will allow you to play eight different high-quality opponents from your region and will see the gathering of 10 elite teams in one spot between the 2 divisions.

Better Exposure- Elite teams only means college coaches can see the best play against the best. This is exactly what they want. They don't attend 50-team tournaments to scout the players on the 32nd, 33rd and 34th best teams. They inquire about events to see who the better teams are that are attending, and then attend that event to watch those best 10 teams play. Now they can see those teams play in one spot, all against each other, which means better exposure for your players.

More local games - 12 of the 20 World Scout League games take place in YOUR area. That means an additional weekend or two of local events and less time overall spent traveling.

Play a Variety of High-Level Teams - With the World Scout League, you always play new teams from different parts of the country: locally, regionally and nationally. The 16-team regular season will feature games against 12 different teams - guaranteed. Instead of running into the same teams at different events, the League schedule always ensures you continue to play new opponents.

Stats tracked at every game nationwide- The best teams in California or Florida or Ohio or Texas or New York are all playing in the same league with the same format and same number of games. The League will be able to track things like homerun leaders, strikeout leaders, MVP races, Player of the Year and Coach of the Year honors. This is something that can never be done by scattering to different tournaments all the time.
Know what's going on - Ever played against a team in a tournament and you had no idea who they were, where they were from, how good they were, or who their good players were? Now you can. You can track stats, standings, pennant races, box scores, and more all summer long on the World Scout League's website

Try Something Different. Parents, players and coaches alike all get burned out by the end of the summer. Lots of travel just to join the same tournaments with that same pool play format over and over. If you don't win this week, who cares? You've got another tournament next week and another one the week after that. It seems like everyone can stake a claim to a trophy every summer. Memorial Day Champs. Labor Day Champs. Wood Bat Champs. 4th of July Champs. Metal Bat Champs. "National Champs" for winning a regional event! Try something different with a summer long commitment counting towards league standings every week and the goal of winning the World Finals at the end.

Be a part of one of summer baseball's largest scouting attractions: The World Finals. End your summer and League Play with a bang! Every World Scout League team is a part of the World Finals, and the event is exclusive to World Scout League teams only. This is the collection of all League teams all across the country, getting together in one spot for one of the biggest scouting attractions in amateur baseball. There will be a World Finals for the West in Arizona and World Finals for the East in Florida. This geographical breakdown will limit travel costs for families and also allow colleges to target teams and players in their specific regions without watering the event down!

Make Travel Plans early. Since every team will know their schedule six to eight months in advance, you are able to book travel to the World Finals and take advantage of early bird travel arrangements and not get hit with last minute travel arrangements and fees.