Renegades Philosophy :  "Find Your Best"
The Renegades program is an advanced baseball program that prepares high school players for the college and beyond. We focus on three specific areas.
  1. Comprehensive Skill Development
    • Bio-Mechanical
    • Physical
    • Mental/Emotional
    • Nutritional
  2. Competitive Play
  3. College Exposure
    • Playing in front of the right college coaches
    • Help each player find their right school
This is a comprehensive college prep program that covers all aspects of player development. We will help each player reach their maximum performance via world class research, instruction and competition. By coupling focused player development and high level competition we help each player "Find Your Best". Then we use targeted college exposure to enhance the players ability to find their best college opportunities.

Our program is not for everyone. If you are looking for a team that just wants to play games in front of college coaches, then we are not for you. Instead, if you're looking for a team that will train hard and often, provide great insight and instruction, and demand the most from all out players, then you've found your place.

The measure of our program will not be simply defined by the list of players who played baseball in college. Instead we look far beyond that. We look to measure how far each and every one of our alumni will go in life, inside and outside of baseball.

Our sponsors believe in our program and players so much that every player who makes our team will receive a scholarship that helps offset player expenses. This will define our program as not only the best at overall player development, but by far and away the most cost effective. We are a non-profit organization who's top priority is the players development. The Virginia Renegades main focus is wrapped up best in our slogan, "Find Your Best".