Best tips for your next home improvement project - Interior Painting

 Tips you need to know before you paint your house

  1. In my opinion the best paint on the market is Duron (plastic Kote) bu I also use Behr ( Home Depot )

  2. For ceilings and walls use - flat paint  ( pure white or ceiling white )  ( if you have children you can use eggshell on the walls  because it is washable )  in the bathrooms and Kitchen it's better to go with semi-gloss as well as for doors and trim

  3.  A regular size room is going to need two gallons of paint for the walls and one gallon of paint for the ceiling

  4.  If you're going to paint a bright or dark color, use primer first

  5. Start from the top working your way to the bottom

  6. Cover the furniture with plastic sheets and with a drywall sanding block sand  where it's necessary

  7.  Put in a container a small amount of paint , the brush has to be only two inches deep in the paint and don't forget to knock off the excess  paint from the brush every time you apply more paint  and be sure the brush is clean and dry when you start to paint

  8. Before using the roller you must remove the fur with some painters tape by covering the entire roll with the tape then removing it

  9. Start to roll a small square area 3  feet by 3  feet , take your time and at least 3 times pass the roller on the same area, don't put pressure on the roller.

  10. In about 1 hour it should be ready for a second coat

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