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Full Art

full art cards
Full Art: Full Art cards are fully holographic.  They have a textured foreground and a detailed background, resembling small bumps on what would otherwise be a smooth card. These cards feature a Pokémon fully drawn on the entire card so that the traditional picture border is non-existant and the Pokémon even extends onto the card's border.

These cards were introduced in Black & White and are a characteristic of the Black & White series.

In a set, every Full Art card also has a traditional non-Full Art counterpart that is the same as the Full Art version, making the Full Art version simply a fancy and rare reprint within the set.

Full Art cards are often referred to as "FA" (Pronounced "fay") to distinguish them from their non-FA counterpart.  The example here is Zekrom EX from Next Destinies, where Full Art cards generally come 1 per box. This card would be referred to as "Zekrom EX FA."