Johto badge bookJohto badge book Johto: January 1, 2000-October 2000.
Players received a badge book in which points were stamped. Each page was a season corresponding to the 8 gym located cities of Johto.
Players received 10 points for attending, bringing a new member, helping the gym leader, trading a card, and doing a league activity.  Teaching a new player how to play was earned the teaching player 20 points.
For each game played, a player received 10 points for playing a game and an additional 10 points for winning the game.  For each stamp on the season's page, players earned an equal amount of points on a seperate promotional card page in the back of the book, from which up to two copies of the season's promotional card could earned each season.
For each challenge, the prize was the coresponding gym leader sticker placed onto the back of the badge book after completing 150 points (see the 8 circles on the back of the badge book that don't have stickers on them).
Players could also complete a quiz which tested the player's knowledge of the game's basic mechanics. Upon passing, he/she received a "Certified Coach" sticker (pictured on the back of the badge book in the center of the 8 circles).  Passing this test was required in order to get points for teaching.
The points necessary to obtain the badge varied, with each season requiring more points than the season before it.  Violet City's Zephyr badge required the least while Blackthorn's Rising badge required the most.  If you earned your badge before the end of the season, with the exception of the Blackthorn City, every 50 points after the badge was equal to to 10 points for the next season.  A sticker with a picture of a medal was placed on the 10 point spot on the next season to represent this.  Since each page only has space for 1100 points, the player has less opportunity to earn points for the next season with the passing of each season.
Location Gym leader
Promotional card Season challenge
Violet City Falkner
Zephyr badge
Zephyr badge
(400 points)
Togepi (Promo#30) You cannot use Colorless Pokemon or non-basic Energy cards.
Azalea Town Bugsy
Hive badge
Hive badge
(430 points)
Cleffa (Promo#31) Your opponent needs to collect 2 fewer Prizes to win.
Goldenrod City Witney
Plain badge
Plain badge
(480 points)
Smeargle (Promo#32) Damage from your Pokemon is cut in half, rounded down.
Ecruteak City Morty
Fog badge
Fog badge
(550 points)
Scizor (Promo#33) You cannot retreat your Pokemon or play Trainers or effects that would make a different Pokemon your Active Pokemon.
Olivine City Jasmine
Mineral badge
Mineral badge
(650 points)
Pichu (Promo#35) Your opponent must be able to see your hand at all times.
Cianwood City Chuck
Storm badge
Storm badge
(680 points)
Igglypuff (Promo#36) Your opponent may go through his or her deck and add a Basic pokemon to his or her hand at the start of the game. Your opponent must shuffle his or her deck afterwards.
Mahogany Town Pryce
Glacier badge
Glacier badge
(930 points)
Hitmontop (Promo#37) Your Basic Pokemon cards cannot attack. Only your Evolved Pokemon can attack.
Blackthorn City Clair
Rising badge
Rising badge
(1100 points)
Misdreavus (Promo#39) Whenever you draw a Prize, you must immediately discard 1 card from your hand.