Special Report: PA Regionals

posted Oct 26, 2013, 9:56 PM by Shadow Card   [ updated Nov 7, 2013, 9:05 PM ]
Regional Championship symbolDay one and day two of the PA Regionals for the TCG have concluded. Day one featured the TCG main event.  Day two featured the continuation of the TCG event, various side events, as well as the VGC event.

The VGC event is on Sunday, October 27.  All age divisions for the VGC are FREE.  For the VGC, the Autumn Regional series will allow use of only Pokémon Black2 Version or Pokémon White2 Version DS Cartridges.  More information can be found at http://philadelphiapokemon.com/vgregionals.html

Updated 11/8 at 12:05 AM

Juniors (35):
Brandon H: 2-3-1, finishing 27th place
Georgia H: Playing top 2 at time of report
Yuto M: 3-2-1, finishing 15th place

Alex S: 3-2-2
Arlo B: 4-2
Henry RC: Playing top 4 at the time of report
Logan H: finish 23rd
Nicholas F: 4-3.  Won door prize: card sleeves.
Ray R 5-2-0
Tommy B: 4-3

Arron S: 5-2-2
Bryan Z: 6-3-0, continuing into top 32.
Dean N: 4-2-3
Javier S: 3-2-2 (drop)
Jimmy M: 5-2-2
Jimmy P: 5-4-0
Johnny R: 10-1-3 after swiss, lost in top 8, finishing 6th place. Won door prize: binder.
Michael P: 5-3-1
Mustafa: 4-4-1
Peter K: 4-4-1
Rahul R: 3-3-1 (drop)
Timothy F: 5-2-2, finishing 56th.  Won door prize: playmat

League Challenge at Philadelphia Regionals:
Jacob M: finished 1st Place.

The Regional Championships are Premier events in the Play! Pokémon tournament cycle. The Autumn Regionals take place in October. Although they are high level events, there is no prerequisite skill level needed to attend and so all players can earn Championship Points at these events, determining who receives invitations to the Pokémon World Championships.