Welcome to Virginia Pokémon! This site serves to promote and inform players of the Pokémon events, Pokémon leagues, and Pokémon tournaments going on in Virginia. Below is a calendar of upcoming events in Virginia.

News and Website Updates

  • For those Traveling..
    Best of luck for those heading to Florida this weekend for Winter Regionals. Keep us updated on how you are doing. We love hearing from our players!
    Posted Feb 26, 2015, 5:53 PM by David Tuskey
  • Virginia States sanctioned; VG PCs return, more LCs
    The Virginia State Championships for Pokémon Trading Card Game has been Sanctioned and the details released. It will be held on Saturday, April 11 in Culpeper, VA at the Mountain Run Bowling Center. Players from around Virginia, and many from nearby states, will compete for the title of Virginia's Champions!

    Players who want to attend the event must register for the tournament at http://labs.pokegym.net/register/15-04-000052. Registered players can check in to the event by 9:30 AM. Juniors and Senior Division players are FREE, Masters Division players are $15.00, cash only. The Premier Tournament Organizer for this event is David Tuskey.

    The format for this event is Standard - Constructed. Competitors will bring a 60 card deck with cards from B&W - Boundaries Crossed through XY - Primal Clash, submit a deck list of the contents of their deck, and will play a number of Swiss rounds based on how many players are in their age division. Each round will be best 2 out of 3 games, with a 50 minute time limit plus 3 turns.The top 8 players in each division will continue to play single elimination rounds until we have a Winner! Prizes and additional information can be found here.

    Mountain Run Bowling Center features a Snack Bar open during all hours of the event. Outside food and beverages are not permitted at the venue. There will be NO scheduled food breaks once the event begins because of easy access to food. Please plan accordinglyl

    VG PCs return

    For Pokémon Video Game players, beginning March 1, competitive play resumes with the Premier Challenge Omega series! Players will earn Play! Points to qualify for the U. S. National VG Championships in July, and top finishers will win Championship Points to qualify for the World VG Championships in August! There are a limited number of Tournament Organizers for these events, and Virginia is lucks to have four: David Tuskey, Marthe Honts, Timothy Foley, and Maria Gabrielle Ochoa Perez!

    Events are already Sanctioned for Hobby Works in Fairfax on Sunday, March 22, and The Fantastic Store in Chantily on Sunday, March 29. Add this URL to your favorite places for more developments!

    More LCs

    Whatever the weather, Pokémon league play continues! March 16 marks the beginning of Mauville Gym season, the third area in our return to Hoenn in the world of Pokemon! Pokemon league play for TCG and VG is fun and casual, but many leagues sponsor low-level competitions near the end of each league season called League Challenges. Rules, formats, and costs may vary at each event, so check the event details for full information!

    Recently scheduled were League Challenges in Amelia on Friday, February 20, Hampton of Saturday, February 21, and in Fairfax on Sunday, February 22. Next weekend, events are scheduled for Friday, February 27 in Vienna, and Sunday, March 1 in Virginia Beach. View the deets on all TCG and VG Premier events here.
    Posted Feb 21, 2015, 6:59 PM by Tim Copeland
  • Virginians at Winter Regionals
    The Winter Regional Championships this past weekend at the Meadow Event Park Exhibition Hall in Doswell, VA was a huge success! Players came together from all over the United States, and a few from Canada, to play the Pokemon Trading Card Game and the Pokemon Video Game. Attendance increased from the previous year by more than 29% for the TCG, and over 26% for the VG.

    The Trading Card Game Championships began on Saturday, February 14, with 495 players! Competitors played best 2 of 3 games, 50 minute rounds of Swiss pairings versus opponents with similar win/loss records, to determine the top players.

    The Juniors Division (born in 2004 or later) played 6 rounds plus a top cut of 8 players, for a total of 9 rounds on Saturday. The winner of the 60-person Juniors Division was Tanner Hurley, from Florida. Virginia players in the top 8 included Marcos Santiago (5th), Alex Yung (7th), and Griffin Davidson (8th). Other Virginia players completing 6 rounds included Yuto M. (16th), Ethan C. (24th), Quinn T. (25th), Griffin D. (30th), Shawn C. (32nd), Bella G. (36th), Zach B. (37th), Georgia H. (40th), and Grant A. (57th).

    The Seniors Division (born in 2000 through 2003) played 7 rounds plus a top cut of 8, for a total of 10 rounds. The winner of the 105-player Seniors Division was Ishaan Jagiasi, the 2014 Senior Division World Champion, from New Jersey. Virginia players making top cut included Jonathan Croxton (Charlottesville, 6th), and Alex Smetana (Richmond, 7th). Other Virginians completing the event include Hunter H. (12th), Nicholas F. (31st), Anthony C. (60th), Timotheus G. (63rd), Logan H. (74th), Matthew K. (77th), Sierra T. (86th), Ben G. (94th), and Jamal H. (95th).

    Master Division competitors (born in 1999 or earlier) played 9 rounds of Swiss pairings on Saturday. The top 32 players returned on Sunday morning to play 5 more rounds of Swiss pairings, and then cut to a top 8, for a total of 17 rounds over two days. The 330-player Masters Division was won by Jacob Dudzik, a 2014 Worlds competitor, from North Carolina. Jacob defeated 2014 Masters Division National Champion, Brandon Salazar, from Florida, in the finals. Other Virginians playing on day 2 included Jimmy Pendarvis (Fairfax, 11th), Justin Rosenberg (Culpeper, 15th), Henry Ross-Clunis (Richmond, 19th), and Greg Sweeney (Midlothian, 30th). Virginians completing 9 rounds included Carter C. (41st), Dean N. (42nd), Johnny R. (77th), Letecia J. (86th), Spencer N. (104th), Stephan V. (109th), Mark W. (121st), Andrea R. (125th), Justin K. (133rd), Teagan C. (137th), Whitney G. (141st), Stephan B. (143rd), Alan G. (150th), Christian O. (156th), Story B. (158th), RJ T. (158th), Nicholas K. (171st), Joe M. (173rd), and Reba G. (183rd).

    On Sunday, February 15, the Video Game Championships began with 451 players. Competitors played 15-minute games with Swiss pairings, followed by best 2 of 3 rounds for the top cuts. This event was the first major tournament using the Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire game cartridges since their release late last year.

    There were 34 players in the Juniors Divison, playing 6 rounds and cutting to a top 8, for 9 total rounds. The winner was London Swan, from North Carolina. Virginia Juniors included Georgia H. (21st), and Griffin D. (29th).

    Seniors Division had 82 competitors playing 7 rounds and cutting to a top 8, for 10 total rounds of play. The winner was Michael Spinetta-McCarthy, from Pennsylvania . Virginia Seniors completing the event included Timotheos G. (24th), Logan H. (32nd), and Sierra T. (91st).

    Two hundred fifty players contested for the Masters Division title. Competitors played 8 rounds of Swiss pairings to cut to a top 16 players, for 12 total rounds. The title of Masters Division Regional TCG Champion was won by Karl Concepcion, a student attending Liberty University from Oakton, VA. Virginian Wolfe Glick, a two-time US National Champion, finished 8th. Other Virginians finishing the event included Joel H. (121st), Joe M. (165th), Joshua G. (186th), Dean E. (194th), Noah H. (201st), Kevin W. (211th), Chad B. (230th), Shawn S. (246th), and Dana Q. (247th).

    TCG Juniors Seniors Masters Total
    2014 45 82 255 382
    60 105 330 495
    Growth 33.3 % 28.8% 29.4 % 29.5%
    VG Juniors Seniors Masters Total
    2014 24 82 250 356
    2015 34 104 313 451
    Growth 41.7% 26.8% 25.2% 26.7%

    Posted Feb 22, 2015, 10:18 AM by David Tuskey
  • Get Ready for Regionals!
    Winter Regional Championships come to the Meadow Event Park in Doswell, Virginia this weekend!  Doors open at the Exhibition Hall at 8:00 AM.  Players who preregister just need to check in to confirm they arrived; all others will wait to get through the registration process.  Preregistration is offered as a way to speed up the registration process. By entering each player's name, birth date, and Play! Pokemon ID number through the form on pokegym.net, Valuable time will be saved so we can all begin playing earlier!  There is no penalty for preregistering if you are unable to attend this event.   Over 200 players have preregistered (as of February 7) for Saturday, as well as over 200 preregistered for Sunday! (TCG preregistration, VG preregistration)

    On-time registration ends at 9:30 AM.

    >On Saturday, deck lists for the Trading Card Game will be collected after the TCG tournament roster is posted, so the deck lists are alphabetized.  The format for Swiss rounds on Saturday is Standard-Constructed.  Cards from B&W-Boundaries Crossed through XY-Phantom Forces are legal, and Black Star promo cards BW-55 and higher, plus older cards that are approved reprints of these cards.  New cards become legal for Standard format 21 days after the official release date, so XY-Primal Clash cards are legal beginning February 25.

    On Sunday, Video Game players will check in (and preregistered players will not have to wait, like preregistered TCG players on Saturday) and Battle Box team registration will occur.  All players must set up their Battle Box, including all Pokémon and held items they intend to use.  This Battle Box will then be locked by a member of the tournament staff.  After the Battle Box has been locked, players are not allowed to change their Pokémon or items at any time during a tournament.  In addition, after the Battle Box is locked, players may not select “Cancel Participation” unless they intend to drop from the tournament.  Team lists will be collected after the VG tournament roster is posted.

    The Standard format for all Play! Pokémon Premier tournaments is Double Battle.  Only North American versions of the Omega Red or Alpha Sapphire game cards may be used, and players are responsible for ensuring the latest game patch is downloaded.  VG players can check the Play! Pokemon VG Tournament Rules & Formats for additional details.

    "Regional" League Challenge:

    In town for the weekend?  A local player ready to make your mark?  Come to the big pre-Regionals Friday the 13th League Challenge at Collector's Heaven.  This event is located just a short 20 minute drive down I-95 from the Regionals Venue, so why not come on down and hang with some great Poké-Peeps?  You MUST contact the store at (804) 673-1127 and let them know that you want to make your mark on Richmond!

    Everyone gets a booster pack, more for the top finishers, and the Top 4 in each age group win shiny League Challenge Pumpkaboo cards plus Championship Points!

    Registration for this Premier TCG tournament opens from 6:15 PM to 6:50 PM, deck lists are required, and registration costs $6.00.

    Sunday Side Events:

    There will be unsanctioned side events offered for TCG players on Sunday, beginning around 10:00 AM, after the VG main event begins.  Side events will be Single Elimination, 8-player pods using the Standard-Constructed format.  Deck lists will not be used, and registration for each pod is just $5.00. Awesome prizes for the winner of each pod will be awarded! 

    - "No Trading" will be strictly enforced during pod play.

    Posted Feb 21, 2015, 12:19 PM by Tim Copeland
  • A Word About Preregistrations

    There was a great turnout in Fairfax of 85 players to conclude this year’s City Championships. However, 15 players who preregistered for the event neither filled out the appropriate “cancel preregistration” form, nor contacted the organizer directly at va.pokemon@gmail.com. Due to the logistical challenge of obtaining sufficient seating and judging staff for all preregistered players (which turned out not to be needed) the following preregistration reminders should be noted:

    •         Preregistering for an event is a convenience that allows both players and staff to have knowledge regarding the size of an event in advance.

     • There are several types of preregistrations:

    1.     Store-based preregistrations where the store’s owner has asked players to contact the store so that he/she can arrange for appropriate seating or advise when the store is full

    2.     Pokegym labs website preregistration, used for large events, creates the tournament file as players preregister, thereby reducing registration time on-site

    3.      Preregistration here on Virginia Pokémon

    • When a player preregisters and then discovers that he/she cannot attend the event, it is both a courtesy and an expectation to cancel the preregistration. This can be done on Virginia Pokémon-based preregistrations by filling out a “cancel preregistration" form. This process takes approximately one minute.

    ·  If the preregistration has closed, players may always contact the organizer by email. Sending an email is the best way to notify the tournament organizer on the morning of the event for those players who, for whatever reason, cannot attend the tournament as planned. (See the “contact the organizer” information on pokemon.com if you do not know David or Marthe’s email address)

    • Abusing preregistration privileges, such as no-showing for preregistered events, will result in loss of preregistration privileges in the future. The players who no-showed yesterday at Fairfax and did not make contact with the organizer have been noted. If this occurs again, they will be banned from all Fairfax events for one year.

    Posted Jan 18, 2015, 11:04 AM by David Tuskey
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