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News and Website Updates

  • Prerelease Fever!
    - The first week of prerelease events for the Ancient Origins expansion is done, with attendance setting new records in Norfolk, and using all available product for the weekend. Richmond had 49 players, and Norfolk had 55 participate! Future events at Atlantis Games and Comics in Norfolk will offer preregistration on Virginia Pokemon, ensuring seats for preregistered players who attend.

    Preregistration for upcoming prereleases in Fairfax this Saturday, August 8, and Chantilly on Sunday, Augsut 9, are enrolling until the night before each event. Only those players who register online will have a guaranteed seat. Product taken to these events is based on online registration numbers, so preregister to get priority!

    Fincastle also hosts an Ancient Origins prerelease event on Sunday, August 9.

    - The Fairfax prerelease for Ancient Origins on Saturday, August 8, will be followed by a Sanctioned video game tournament at Hobby Works. Preregistration is also offered for this event, so bring your DS and ORAS cartridge (and recharging needs) to compete in both events!

    There is also a Sanctioned VG tournament on Friday, August 7, in Vienna, with preregistration available. As the World Championship Series in Boston on Agust 20-22 approaches, it is anticipated that attendance will increase for both VG and TCG events, so preregistration may be crucial to ensure you get to play.
    Posted by Tim Copeland
  • 2016 Rotation Announced
    "In the interest of maintaining a healthy tournament environment, Pokémon Organized Play begins each new tournament season by removing older expansions from Standard format competition. Each annual rotation challenges existing players to create new strategies while enabling new players to get involved in Play! Pokémon events with minimal investment." (Source: http://www.pokemon.com/us/pokemon-news/pokemon-tcg-format-rotation-for-2016/)

    Beginning September 1, Standard (XY-On).format will include cards from XY through the most recent releases, including Black Star Promos XY01 and up, all three XY Trainer Kits, and the McDonald's Collection 2014.   Expanded (BLW-On).format stays unchanged from Black & White through the most recent releases.   XY - Ancient Origins becomes legal for both Standard and Expanded formats on September 2, 2015.

    Lysandre's Trump Card is still banned.
    Posted Jul 16, 2015, 11:46 PM by Tim Copeland
  • A Wild Pokémon Year Appears!
    - The US National Championships have concluded, and the rankings for invitations to the Pokémon World Championships have been released! Invitations by email will be sent around July 18 to the address players provided in their player profiles.

    - TCG League Challenges for the 2015-2016 year are beginning to be sanctioned, and the new year opens on July 13. The first weekend of League Challenges in Virginia begins on Friday, July 24 in Amelia, continues on Saturday, July 25 in Richmond, and concludes on Sunday, August 26 in Virginia Beach.

    - Prerelease events are sanctioned for Ancient Origins, which will be released on August 12. Prerelease events in Virginia begin on Saturday, August 1 in Richmond at Collector's Heaven. Players are advised to preregister by calling the store (804-673-1127) to reserve a seat. Norfolk hosts the second prerelease on Sunday, August 2 at Atlantis Comics and Games.

    The following weekend, there will be prereleases on Saturday, August 8 in Fairfax at Hobby Works, and on Sunday, August 9 in Chantilly at The Fantastic Store. Preregistration for both of these events will be available here on Virginia Pokémon beginning July 16. There is also a prerelease event on Sunday, August 9 in Fincastle at the Fincastle Library. 

    Prerelease tournaments are exciting events designed for players to be creative with the newest cards before they are released in stores. These tournaments are casual events, making them ideal for new players to learn how tournaments work as well as give experienced players a chance to experiment with new strategies and trade cards.

    The Ancient Origins expansion will be legal for sanctioned tournaments beginning September 2.
    Posted Jul 16, 2015, 7:39 PM by Tim Copeland
  • Last chance for CP before Worlds
    The 2015 Pokémon World Championship Series approach! The tournaments will be held at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston Massachusetts from August 21 to August 23.

    Virginia Pokémon players who wish to qualify for the TCG World Championships need to earn enough Championship Points to be invited. Masters need 300 CP, Seniors need 250 CP, and Juniors need 200 CP.

    Currently, Yuto M. leads Virginia Juniors with 549 CP. Four other Virginia Juniors have also qualified for Worlds so far, including Alex Y. (405), Shawn C. (370), Davis N. (385), and Ethan C. (211). Among Seniors, Alex Smetana (610 CP) and Jonathan Croxton (564) have qualified to date. In the highly competetive Masters division, eight players have qualified, led by Russell LaParre with 484 CP. Other Masters include Jimmy Pendarvis (462), Henry Ross-Clunis (459), Jimmy McClure (449), Arron Sanyer (332), Carter Copeland (314), Alex Croxton (302), and Nate Blevins (300).

    For the VG World Championships, Masters and Seniors need to have earned CP to place in the Top 40 in their age division in US and Canada. Juniors need to be in the Top 24 in US and Canada. In the Masters division, Virginia's two-time National Champion, Wolfe Glick, is currently in first place in US and Canada, with a massive 526 CP total.

    In most cases, the cut-off for earning CP is right after the US National Championship Series, held in Indianapolis, Indiana at the Indiana Convention Center from July 3 to July 5. Championship Points earned after that event will count towards the 2016 Worlds invitation.

    Before the cut-off, there is the US National Championships in Indiana in 3 weeks, and local League Challenges here in Virginia.

    Coming this weekend, there are League Challenges sanctioned on Friday, June 19, in Amelia; and on Sunday, June 21, in Fincastle and in Virginia Beach.

    Next weekend, there are League Challenges on Saturday, June 27, in Midlothian; and on Sunday, June 28, in Hopewell.

    After that, Nationals are the last chance. Pokémon has announced there will be no Last Chance Qualifier held at Worlds in August.

    Nationals travel awards and stipends

    After the Spring Regional Championships, the Championship Point rankings will award Travel Awards and Stipends for top players in the US and Canada rating zone to the 2015 US National Championships with the following distribution (per age division):

    1st–16th: Travel Award and a $300 Stipend
    17th–32nd: $1,000 Travel Stipend
    33rd–64th: $750 Travel Stipend
    65th-100th: $500 Travel Stipend (TCG only)

    Travel awards cover air transportation to US Nationals plus hotel accommodations.

    Virginia Pokémon estimates that Virginia players earned a lot of Travel Awards and Stipends!

    TCG JRs: Yuto (31) $1000, Alex (59) $750, Davis (62) $750, Shawn (67) $500 = $3000
    TCG SRs: Alex (24) $1000, Jonathan (31) $1000 = $2000
    TCG MAs: Russell (26) $1000, Jimmy P (33) $750, Henry (36) $750, Jimmy M (42) $750 = $3250
    TCG subtotal: = $8250

    VG JRs: Georgia H (36) $750, unidentified (52) $750, Tristan S (63) $750 = $2250
    VG SRs: Joseph C (51) $750 = $750
    VG MAs: Wolfe (1) TA & $300 = TA + $300
    VG subtotal: TA + $2550

    Virginia TCG & VG total: 1 Travel Award + $11,550

    Update: Travel Awards and Stipends

    Official results have been posted by pokemon.com for Travel Awards and Stipends. Congratulations!
    Posted Jun 17, 2015, 9:39 AM by Tim Copeland
  • Spring Regionals end, Summer begins
    Spring Regionals have ended, and the next big tournament for Virginia players is the US National Championship Series, in Indianapolis, IN on July 3-5. Travel awards and stipends for Nationals will be calculated on June 12, so players have one more weekend to earn Championship Points. Players need Play! Points to qualify to participate at Nationals. For TCG, Juniors and Seniors need 5 Play! Points, Masters need 10. For VG, Juniors and Seniors need 1 Play! Points, Masters need 5.

    This weekend marks the end of VG Premier Challenges, with the last on Sunday, June 7 in Midlothian. A TCG League Challenge is also scheduled on Sunday at Time Capsule in Hopewell.

    Next weekend, League Challenges are set for Saturday, June 13 at Collector's Heaven in Richmond, and on Sunday, June 14 at Atlantis Comics and Games in Norfolk.

    No Trump

    Lysandre's Trump Card is banned from Sanctioned TCG play, effective June 15. Read the full story on pokemon.com, just click the link.

    Update: Southeast Regional Championships

    TCG Juniors: In the 44-player division, Virginia players included Anthony C. (9th), Alex Y. (20th), and Davis N. (26th).

    TCG Seniors: Of 54 players, Jonathan Croxton of Charlottesville was 4th seed in Top 8, and finished as the Winner! Croxton, age 14, was a Finalist in Juniors at the 2012 World Championship in Hawaii. Virginian Shawn C. finished 21st.

    TCG Masters: 246 players competed. Arron Sanyer of Woodbridge qualified for Top 8, and finished 3rd. Carter Copeland of Midlothian also qualified for Top 8, finishing 6th. Other Virginians in the Top 32 were Alex Croxton (9th), Christian Ortiz (25th), and Rahul Reddy (30th). Also finishing the event were Chris T. (49th), and Johnny R. (64th).

    VG Masters: Of the 255 players competing in the division, Karl Concepcion of Oakton qualified for Top 8, finishing 8th. Other Virginians completing the event were Eric B. (44th), Jose B. (57th), Yan R. (97th), and Josh G. (196th).
    Posted Jun 15, 2015, 1:03 PM by Tim Copeland
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Aug 8 (Sat): Fairfax
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Aug 9 (Sun): Fincastle

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Aug 16 (Sun): Fairfax

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Aug 7 (Fri): Vienna
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