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News and Website Updates

  • Guardians Rising
    Prerelease events for Pokémon TCG's new expansion set, Sun & Moon--Guardians Rising, have been scheduled in Virginia. At latest check, 20 locations will host 25 flights of the newest TCG set. See our Guardians Rising Prerelease page for full details as they come in from pokemon.com.

    Prerelease tournaments are exciting events designed for players to be creative with the newest Pokémon cards before they are released in stores. These tournaments are casual events, making them ideal for new players to learn how tournaments work as well as give experienced players a chance to experiment with new strategies and trade cards.

    Events start on Saturday, April 22 at The Fantastic Store in Chantilly, Sage Mantis Game Haven in Fredericksburg, Atomic Comics Emporium in Hampton, Star Port in Lynchburg, Atomic Comics Emporium in Newport News, Collector's Heaven in Richmond, and Kaboom in Virginia Beach. Events on Sunday, April 23 will be held at Hobby Works in Fairfax, and Fincastle Library in Fincastle.

    The following weekend, prerelease events will be held on Saturday, April 29 at Gaming & Comics in Gainesville, Atomic Comics Emporium in Hampton; Richmond Comix in Midlothian, Atomic Comics Emporium II in Newport News, Atlantis Games & Comics in Portsmouth, Collector's Heaven in Richmond; Star City Games in Roanoke; Huzzah Jr in Sterling; HobbyTown USA in Virginia Beach; and Jersey's Gaming, Cards & Comics in Yorktown. Winding up the second prerelease weekend will be events on Sunday, April 30 at The End Games in Charlottesville, Agora Downtown Market in Harrisonburg (hosted by 8 Bit Oasis), Atlantis Games & Comics in Norfolk, Huzzah Jr in Sterling, and G2K Games in Waynesboro.

    Check out all the local events - Prereleases as well as League Challenges, Premier Challenges, League Cups, Midseason Showdowns, and Regional Championship tournaments - you can preregister for through Virginia Pokemon.

    Sun & Moon--Guardians Rising products are slated to be released for retail sale nationwide on May 3, but some (not all) stores who held prerelease events have special permission to start retail sales on May 2. Guardians Rising cards become legal for Sanctioned Pokémon TCG tournaments on May 19.
    Posted Apr 18, 2017, 12:33 PM by Tim Copeland
  • Spring has Sprung: Website Updates
    Virginia Pokemon has changed colors twice since last autumn: blue for winter, and this week we turned green for spring. What's next? If you have suggestions for color schemes, or original artwork for our banner above that you'd like to share, please email vapokemon2@gmail.com.

    The Tournament Formats page got an update, adding set symbol artwork for Evolutions, Sun & Moon, all five McDonalds Collections, and four XY Trainer's Kits.

    New pages have been added for Evolutions and Sun & Moon sets, and the XY block is completed.
    Posted Apr 11, 2017, 11:46 AM by Tim Copeland
  • More League Cup News
    Additional League Cup events have been found at more locations in Virginia for the Spring "Sun & Moon" quarter ending April 30.

    This weekend, the Sage Mantis Pokémon League Cup in Fredericksburg, and the Yorktown Gym League Cup in Yorktown, will be held on Saturday, April 8.

    Next weekend, the Newport News City Gym League Cup in Newport News, and the Island Games League Cup in Centreville, will be held on Sunday, April 16.

    No League Cup events are scheduled for the following weekend due to Pokémon prereleases and events for other games.

    The final League Cups of the quarter will be the Hobby Works League Cup in Fairfax, and the Portsmouth City League Cup in Portsmouth on Saturday, April 29.

    In other League Cup news, promo cards for the Winter League Cups have begun to be received by players who attended those events and were expected to have cards mailed to the address on their Play! Pokémon membership. A few players received cards at the event, or the organizer of the event was able to distribute rewards after the event. Players who attended Winter League Cups but haven't received their rewards should:

    1. Log in to their Play! Pokémon acount at pokemon.com (same log-in as their ptcgo.com account) if over 13; players under 13 should ask their parent or guardian to log into the parent's own Play! Pokemon account if the competitor can't.

    2. Upon log-in, the Edit Profile page displays the address you provided, if you "opted-in" to the Player Rewards program by checking "Yes! I want to participate in all available Play! Pokémon Programs..." setting on the Play Pokémon Settings page. If the opt-in was left on the default setting, your address is not saved, and your promo cards will not be sent. Opting-in at this time will not change whether your rewards are being sent this time, but if you opt-in now you may receive future rewards from Pokemon.com (and your league may benefit by an increase in its roster) You can change your address if needed on these pages.

    3. If you opted-in to Player Rewards, and the address is correct, The Pokémon Company should have mailed you a card (and your playmat, if you won), or the organizer has received it and should be looking for you. Contact the League Cup organizer (email is suggested to keep a record of the communication). Also, file a customer support ticket at support.pokemon.com, again so a record of the communication is saved.
    Posted Apr 11, 2017, 11:42 AM by Tim Copeland
  • The Next League Cup Season Begins
    Play for prizes and Championship Points at a Pokémon TCG League Cup competition near you!
    The first League Cup competitions of 2017 are getting started now, giving Pokémon TCG players more chances to earn Championship Points. Trainers can also earn prizes and other rewards, including special playmats and promo cards that you won't be able to earn anywhere else.

    The current season will run from February to April, with a Best Finish Limit of 2 during this period, shared with League Challenge. League Cup events offer a higher level of competition than League Challenge events, and they award more Championship Points accordingly.

    Tournament Organizers have received all their event materials for this season and are ready to host League Cup tournaments. If there isn't a League Cup at a retailer near you, be sure to attend Pokémon League and League Challenge events. More participation in Play! Pokémon events at your preferred location means they're more likely to host a League Cup in the future!

    Find a League Cup event near you via the event locator. Good luck, Trainers!

    The above article was posted on March 10, 2017 on pokemon.com. League Cup tournaments began last week in Chantilly, and continue this weekend this Saturday, March 18 for the Hill City League Cup at Forest Public Library; and for the Collector's League Cup at Collector's Heaven. League Cups continue next April 1 at Star City Game Center in Roanoke, and Richmond Comix in Midlothian; and next Sunday, April 2 at The End Game in Charlottesville. 

    Keep an eye on our Upcoming Premier Events for the short list of all Virginia Pokemon's Premier championships and prereleases.
    Posted Apr 6, 2017, 11:58 AM by Tim Copeland
  • A Wild Summer Appears!
    Additional details were released today by The Pokémon Company, Inc. for its Pokémon World Championships in Anaheim, CA from August 18-20, and first news released regarding the North American International Championships in Indianapolis, IN from June 30 to July 2, 2017.

    The North American International Championships is open to players from all countries, and is the last opportunity to earn Championship Points in order to qualify for the Pokémon World Championships in August.

    In addition to the Pokémon World Championships, a Last Chance Qualifier for Pokkén Tournament players will be held on August 18 at the tournament site to determine the last seats for the Pokkén Tournament World Championships starting on August 19.

    To subscribe to posts in Virginia Pokémon's 'News and Website Updates,' click this link!
    Posted Feb 22, 2017, 12:52 PM by Tim Copeland
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TCG League Cups
Apr 29 (Sat): Fairfax
Apr 29 (Sat): Portsmouth

League Challenge
TCG League Challenges
Apr 28 (Fri): Chantilly

Sun & Moon--Guardians Rising
Apr 29 (Sat): Gainesville
Apr 29 (Sat): Hampton
Apr 29 (Sat): Midlothian
Apr 29 (Sat): Newport News
Apr 29 (Sat): Portsmouth
Apr 29 (Sat): Richmond
Apr 29 (Sat): Roanoke
Apr 29 (Sat): Sterling
Apr 29 (Sat): Virginia Beach 2*
Apr 29 (Sat): Yorktown
Apr 30 (Sun): Charlottesville
Apr 30 (Sun): Harrisonburg
Apr 30 (Sun): Norfolk
Apr 30 (Sun): Sterling
Apr 30 (Sun): Waynesboro
*Premier Tournament Organizer

Regional Championships
May 6-7: Roanoke VA

VG Midseason Showdowns
Jun 3 (Sat): Midlothian

International Championships
Jun 30-Jul 2: Indianapolis, USA

VG Premier Challenges
To Be Announced

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