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2004 is here and Virginia Pickleball is changing. At the end of last year VP filed paperwork as a non-profit. We also filed with the Feds to be recognized as a 501c3. What a change from our humble beginnings as an information website for pickleball in Virginia. This year we have so much we want to do. Virginia Pickleball has started its first fund drive. We are raising money so we can promote pickleball in Virginia be providing this website, purchasing nets, balls and paddles for churches and civic organizations. Hosting tournaments and more. You can click this link to go to our funding page on www.gofundme.com.  Check out our About Us page for more information about everything we are trying to do and if you would rather mail your donation. Thank you for your support.


This is our old website. Please visit our new site at www.virginiapickleball.org

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