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80th Program

Virginia Philosophical Association Annual Meeting 2019 

Friday, October 25th - Saturday, October 26th

Virginia Wesleyan University, Virginia Beach, VA


Friday, October 25

Greer Environmental Science Building- ROOM 255

1:00                Registration in atrium


2:00-3:00       “Merely Possible Precisification of Empty Names: A Problem for


          Brannon McDaniel (Richmond)

                                 Commenter: Torrance Fung (UVA)  


3:15-4:15     “Must God Have a Son?”

                                 Beau Branson (Brescia)

                                 Commenter: Felipe Pereira (Seton Hall)


4:30-5:30     “Imagination and a Diachronic Hylomorphic Account of Empirical                                          

Cognition in Kant's First Critique”

                                 Seth Goldwasser (Pitt)

                                 Commenter: Ed Martin (Liberty)



5:45-6:45     “Too Far Beyond the Call of Duty”

                                 Chris Tucker (William and Mary)

                                 Commenter: Ethan Terrill (George Washington)



7:00                Banquet (in Pearce Hospitality Suite/ Batten)


8:00-9:00        Banquet Address 

                                Miriam McCormick (University of Richmond)

                                "The Value of a Free and Wandering Mind"



Saturday, October 26



8:30                Registration in atrium and Continental Breakfast


9:00-10:00      “Making Strange: Extending the Philosophical Value of Thought                                            


                                 Kaija Mortensen (Randolph)

                                 Commenter: Teresa Kouri Kissel (Old Dominion)


10:15-11:15     "Reading Ontology Off Language"

                                 Louis Doulas (UC Irvine)

                                 Commenter: James Darcy (UVA)


11:30-12:30      Keynote Lecture

                                 Deborah Mayo (Virginia Tech)

                                "Evidence as Passing a Severe Test"


12:30-12:45     Resolution of Gratitude & Elections


1:00-2:30         Lunch Break