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78th Program

Virginia Philosophical Association Annual Meeting 2017 
Friday, October 27th - Saturday, October 28th
Longwood University, Farmville, Virginia

Friday, October 27
Dorrill Dining Hall Rooms 123-125 Nance Room/Lewis Room

1:30                 Registration


2:00-3:00        “Two Helpful Misconceptions About Informed Consent”

    M. Beth Valentine-Henzel (Washington & Lee)

    Comments by Mark Lukas (Longwood University)


3:15-4:15         “No Simple Properties”

                          Paul Nedelisky (University of Virginia)

                          Comments by Nicholas Rimell (University of Virginia)

4:30-5:30         “How to Secede Fairly”

                          Justin Tosi (University of Michigan)

                          Comments by Tal-Hi Bitton (George Washington University)


5:45-6:45         “Indeterminism, Biology, and the Brain”

                          Bryce Gessell (Duke University)

                          Comments by Kevin Brosnan (Virginia Commonwealth University)


7:00                Banquet


8:00-9:00        Banquet Address 

                        “A Diagetic Take on Demarcation”

    Nathaniel Goldberg (Washington & Lee)


Saturday, October 28

8:30                Registration and Continental Breakfast


9:00-10:00      “Solving the Diachronic Lottery Paradox”

                         Chris Tweedt (Christopher Newport University)

                         Comments by Richard Culbreth (George Washington University)


10:15-11:15     "Sentimentality as Misplaced Affection, or How to Tell Sentimentalists from Virtue Signalers and Prigs"

                         Adam Kovach (Marymount University)

                         Comments by Ethan Terrill (George Washington University)


11:30-12:30      Keynote Lecture

                        “Might There Be a Virtue of Self-Cultivation”
                         Rebecca Stangl (University of Virginia)

12:30-12:45     Resolution of Gratitude & Elections


1:00-2:30         Lunch Break