77th Program

Virginia Philosophical Association Annual Meeting 2016 
Friday, October 21st - Saturday, October 22nd
Randolph College, Lynchburg, Virginia

Friday, October 21
Nichols Theatre in the Student Center

1:30                 Registration


2:00-3:00        “Debunking and Overdetermination”

Jonathan Barker (University of Virginia)

Comments by Jeffrey Goodman (James Madison University)


3:15-4:15         “The Phenomenological Directness Argument for the Qualia Theory”

                        Torrance Fung (University of Virginia)

                        Comments by Jan Erik Jones (Southern Virginia University)

4:30-5:30         “Nemo Dat Quod Non Habet: The Simple Libertarian Case for Slave Reparations”

                        Peter Sutton (Virginia Union University)

                        Comments by Nicolas Frank (Lynchburg College)


5:45-6:45         “Intertheoretic Value Comparison: A Modest Proposal”

                        Christian Tarsney (University of Maryland, College Park)

                        Comments by Andrew Garland (University of Virginia)


7:00                Banquet


8:00-9:00        Banquet Address 

                        “A Subject Worthy of Curiosity”

Renee Hill (Virginia State University)


Saturday, October 22

Ashley Jack room in Smith Hall

8:30                Registration and Continental Breakfast


9:00-10:00      “From Emergent Properties to Emergent Subject: A Neuroscientific Case”

                        Eric LaRock (Oakland University)

                        Comments by Bryce Gessell (Duke University)


10:15-11:15    This session has been modified. The original speaker is unable to attend, and the session now features an epistemology paper.

                        “Love and Atrocity: A Transmuted Goods Reply to the Problem of Evil”

                        Jill Hernandez (University of Texas at San Antonio)

                        Comments by Thomas Provenzola (Liberty University)

                        "Fallibility and Rational Justification: An Intuitive Approach"

                        Thomas Provenzola (Liberty University)

                        followed by a Q&A, but no formal comments


11:30-12:30      Keynote Lecture

                        “Descartes, Meditation, and the Nature of Philosophy”
                        Jorge Secada (University of Virginia)

12:30-12:45     Resolution of Gratitude & Elections


1:00-2:30         Lunch Break


2:30-3:30         “How to Start an Interdisciplinary Logic and Reasoning Institute”
                        Tom Adajian and Tracy Lupher (James Madison University)