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74th Program

74th Annual VPA Conference Program

October 18-19, 2013, George Mason University

Fairfax, VA: Johnson Center, Room D


  Friday October 18, 2013


  2:15                      Registration

  2:45-3:40            Expressing as Showing What’s (Not) Within: A Response to Mitch Green’s Self-Expression

                                    Trip Glazer (Georgetown)

                                    Commenter: Daniel Moseley (University of North Carolina)

  3:45-4:40            Socratic Intellectualism Revisited

                                    John Mahlan (University of Virginia)

                                    Commenter: Rose Cherubin (George Mason University)

  4:40-5:05             Break

  5:05-6:00            How Not to Argue Against Feeling-Centered Theories of Emotion

                                    Jake Earl (Georgetown)

                                    Commenter: Paul Davies (William and Mary)

  6:05-7:00            To Navigate Safely in the Vast Sea of Empirical Facts': Ontology and Methodology in Behavioral Economics

                                    Erik Angner (George Mason University)

  7:15                        Banquet

  8:15-10:00            Keynote Address 

                                     Jonathan Edwards’ Argument about Persistence

                                    Antonia LoLordo, University of Virginia


  Saturday October 19, 2013

  9:00                       Registration

  9:30-10:25            The Self Shows Up in Experience

                                    Matt Duncan (University of Virginia)

                                    Commenter: Adam Tiller (University of Virginia)

  10:30-11:25           Aristotle on Heroic Virtue

                                    Douglass Reed (University of Virginia)

                                    Commenter: Patrick Goodin (Howard University)

  11:25-11:40            Break

  11:40-12:55            Invited Lecture 

                                    Utilitarianism and Respect for Sentients

                                    Eugene Mills (Virginia Commonwealth University)


1:00-1:15             Business Meeting - Including the ever-popular Resolution of Gratitude and elections of officers