Thanks to my co coordinators James Mahon and Adam Kovach, for constructing the program, and again to Adam who also ably took care of the arrangements here at Marymount.


[Resolution of Gratitude, 71st Meeting, 2010]



The Virginia Philosophical Association, assembled on the campus of Marymount University College on October 22nd and 23rd, 2010, endorse the following resolution, and direct the secretary to dispatch it promptly to the University through its President, James E. Bundschuh, and its Philosophy faculty:


WHEREAS the following remarks are intentionally, consciously and whole-heartedly endorsed by a higher-order concern in a hierarchy of concerns and thus reflect the true nature of the Association, a nature which has been well-fed with food and drink in addition to examples and is in no way malnourished; and any remarks to the contrary are the result of unconscious a-Nomy-less forces and which if consciously noted would be considered alien


WHEREAS the University—and not the opinions of philosophers and their universalist  bourgeois outlook—has provided a model education in the expansive character that responsible citizenship requires, shining forth as an incomparably singular being while simultaneously attending to the interests of others, which lesson we have learnt well AND


WHEREAS we have thus expanded our circle of moral concern by adopting colleagues from the District of Columbia and a guest from Yale into our family of philosophers, even though there is no resemblance between any of us, and yet there is the possibility of achieving immortality by the cross-fertilization of ideas AND


WHEREAS even though it might mean that we love each other less as unique individuals we were led by a Piper to endeavor to care less about each other's personal autonomy AND


WHEREAS we have cross-checked via a number of epistemic systems that the University has treated us well, metabolizing any error that might creep in by cross-checking gustatorily and olfactorily, not to mention alcoholically AND


WHEREAS although we are unsure if each of us is a person, a brain, atoms arranged brainwise or an animal body/human organism, each of which might produce or have these thoughts, all possible configurations of each of us are grateful for the hospitality shown to us AND


WHEREAS this resolution of gratitude was produced by features of an object of evaluation which produced various feelings which could, in principle, be communicated to everyone of the appropriate sensibilities and which we desire to project in time until next year AND


WHEREAS there is some accounting for luck, and so while the event was significant and might not have been under full control, there was no risk of being mal-treated at your hands, and so were not lucky to receive your hospitality AND


WHEREAS none of us our masters of our own calls, we hope that uptake of these thanks will be as difficult to refuse as a cat-call,


LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED, yo!, that lo!, the Virginia Philosophical Association expresses its appreciation to Marymount University and the faculty of the Department of Philosophy for their generous hospitality in hosting the Association's 71st meeting.