Virginia Philosophical Association

70th Annual Meeting

October 23rd & 24th, 2009

Lynchburg College


Meeting Minutes & Resolution of Gratitude


Prepared by, Adam Kovach, Secretary of the VPA (2008-2009)


1. Selection of officers for 2009-2010

President – James Mahon

Vice President – Adam Kovach

Secretary – Cathal Woods


2. Format of next year’s meeting

There was consensus in favor of continuing with the format followed at this year’s meeting. It was suggested that speaker’s responses to comments be either eliminated or kept to a minimal length.


3. Location of next year’s meeting

Adam Kovach conveyed an offer from Marymount University’s School of Arts & Sciences to host the meeting Marymount University’s Ballston Center in Arlington, VA, in October of 2009. The offer was accepted.


4. Mailing list

James Mahon volunteered to help Patrick Goold expand the VPA list server by collecting email addresses of Virginia philosophers. Patrick Goold intends to continue maintaining our email list server. Cathal Woods and Patrick Goold volunteer to create a new web page for the VPA and to eliminate out of date pages existing in cyberspace.