About Us

    Virginia NBHA is part of the National Barrel Horse Association and our state director is Diane Roper. Our state and district leaders are committed to listening and responding to member concerns with personalized and caring service.

    There are presently six separate districts within the Virginia NBHA. The state is divided into the following districts: the Tidewater area and Northern Neck, Richmond to Washington, Richmond to North Carolina, I64 north to Maryland and west to West Virginia, I64 south to North Carolina and west to the Blue Ridge Mountains, and I64 south to North Carolina west of the Blue Ridge Mountains and west to West Virginia. Our sixth district comprises the whole state of Virginia. The members who elect to be in this district can compete in any district within Virginia for points.

    Members can compete in any show but only receive points when competing in a show that is sanctioned for their district. In many instances, district directors will “co-sanction” a show. What this means is that riders from the non-sanctioning district can earn points for their district if competing in a show that has been co-sanctioned by their district director.

    The points earned by each rider are used to determine year-end awards within their districts as well as qualifying for the World NBHA Open Finals and the World Youth Finals. Virginia NBHA has a State Finals and the only requirement to date is that you must have competed in at least 3 shows within the rider's district as an NBHA member.

    What is barrel racing?
    Barrel racing originated as an all female rodeo event. NBHA events are open to competitors of both sexes and all ages. Contestants attempt to complete a cloverleaf pattern around pre-set barrels for the fastest time.

    What is a divisional barrel race and how does it work?
    Divisions are paid based upon time. The fastest time of the competition sets the standard for the remaining divisions. In a 4D competition, the 1D (first division) is the fastest time, the 2D (second division) begins at half a second off the winning time, the 3D (third division) begins at a full second off the winning time, the 4D (fourth division) begins at one and a half seconds off the winning time and the 5D (fifth division) begins two full seconds off the winning time.