Horse Properties

                                             Is this your "field of dreams?"
As an equestrian property specialist, I enjoy working with those who want to buy or sell horse properties in the Northern Virginia area. If you are planning a move outside of Virginia, I can refer you to a qualified specialist anywhere in the country through my nationwide referral network. If you are looking for a home or horse farm in the area but need to sell property somewhere else, I can use the same network to help you find a qualified agent in your current area. You can contact me anytime by email at or by phone from 9:00 am to 8:00 pm eastern time. 

What to look for in a horse property

  • Size of property-Is it appropriate for the number of horses you plan to have?
  • Condition-Can the property be used for your intended purpose as it is, or will it need repairs, upgrades, or other changes?
  • Fencing-Will the existing fencing contain your horses? Will you need to add additional fencing or reinforce or repair existing fences?
  • Grass-Is there sufficient grass to sustain your horses? If you have mares that may become pregnant, is there fescue in the fields?
  • Barns or run ins-Will there be enough shelter for your horses? If you have a barn, will it need repair or upgrading in order to provide a safe shelter? If you use run ins, are they large enough for all your horses to fit comfortably in the event of a severe storm?
  • House-Is there a house for humans on the property? If so, is it adequate for your needs? Will it need repair or expansion? If there is no house, are you prepared to build one?
  • Other outbuildings-Are there other outbuildings on the property? Is there room for hay storage, tack, feed, tractor storage or other needs you will have?
  • Water and electricity-Are these present in your barns and outbuildings? Which buildings will need these utilities?
  • Cost-What is the estimated cost to make the property fit your needs? Do you have sufficient funds to purchase the property and make the needed repairs/changes? Do you have a source of funding if you need to borrow?