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Taoist Inner Tube Rider

                       A Collection of Poetry and Songs                      with accompanying CD

ISBN 142514849-2


 New Release by Virginia Gillespie

            Like the flow of water, this lyrical ride born by word,  sound, and image overcomes all obstacles. 

  To order contact Trafford Publishing 

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    Saskatoon Road Trip June 2008


Banff National Park, Alberta

 Zealandia, Saskatchewan


  Hoodoos - Summer Solstice


  Persephone Theatre, Saskatoon

 Poetry Project Contributors

CD Sound Mix - Pete Tennant : see his blog

Music Contributor on CD Cellist Gerard LeFeuvre


Cover Art: Lucan Charchuk   

Photos: Ann Greenfield        

Sound Mix:  Peter Tennant  

Actors and Musicians:   Rosie Flanagan, Steve Chitty,    Mickey Hoven, Pete Tennant,  Virginia Gillespie,       Gerard LeFeuvre    


About the Book

              "It is natural to sing and dance poetry. What is not natural is to bury poems in skinny books  lined up on dusty shelves."       V.G.

Taoist Inner Tube Rider began as a metaphor to describe the Author's style of writing that has evolved into a book and CD. It is created to bring the words alive and to inspire people to engage with poetry.

Through word, sound and image revelations  are presented as a lyrical journey through time and  as a cyclical ride through nature. 

The writing spans four decades. The geographies are desert, forest, waterways, and  sky represented in wind, weather and sound waves.

A woman rides through them all - flowing through vistas and deep feelings to find meaning and purpose.