Real Conservatism -- Not Corporatism!


Ask me what I think, and I'll tell you.  I don't adhere to any particular party line, although I am a registered Republican.  Like the Tea Partiers, I'm mad as hell, and I want to give government back to the people.  Like the Republicans, I'm conservative....prudent....and I believe in capitalism and the free market.  Like the Democrats, I'm socially aware.  Like the Greens, I'm environmentally concerned. Like the Libertarians, I want to see smaller government.  Like the followers of Ron Paul, I'm a constitutionalist....a pragmatic constitutionalist.  As an independent, I do not suffer fools gladly, and will make decisions based on what I see to be fit for the matter at hand.



 How to Vote for a Write-In Candidate:
1.  Go to your polling place.
2.  Ask for a PAPER ballot.
3.  Write Virginia Cody for Governor
4.  Give the PAPER ballot back to the pollster.

I have never run for a political office before.  But, politics is inherent in virtually every business you are involved in. So, I feel quite safe in saying I understand how politics works; it's a multi-layered mousetrap.  I’m pretty smart, and I have a very steep learning curve. But, as far as I'm concerned, politics doesn’t have to be "business as usual." I intend to make sure it isn't.