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Virginia Beach Events Restaurants that you can’t miss

The city of Virginia Beach is a favorite hub for tourists all around the world. Its warm beaches, relaxing atmosphere and exciting events have magnetic attraction for everyone. While VA Beach is an excellent vacation spot, there is much more to do other than sunbathing and swimming. The place is a show stealer throughout the year with striking list of annual Virginia Beach events. These events and activities are major attractions for visitors during their vacation trip. Since the annual Virginia Beach events are highly popular, many special deals and packages are offered by Virginia Beach Restaurants and hotels during the peak season. Some of the wonderful events are:

American Music Festival

This event is held on Labor Day weekend and is considered as the largest outdoor musical event on the US East Coast. You can enjoy musical acts from all over the country and non-stop entertainment on 7 stages at the Oceanfront. Most of the entertainment is free of cost and covers the interest of almost age groups.

Neptune Festival

Another must-see event is Neptune Festival at the oceanfront, usually held after the summer time. The festival is named after King Neptune, the ancient Roman God of the seas. It is simply loaded with the bursting musical entertainment, interesting competitions, lively crowds and the most importantly, amazing food of Virginia Beach Restaurants. This festival is said to be the celebration to say goodbye to summers and to visitors with a last hurrah of excitement and fun.

Pungo Strawberry Festival

This festival is one of the most favorites of kids, as there is lot of fun to do for them. This amazing berry festival is celebrated on the Memorial Day Weekend every year at the southeastern portion of the city. Being so much popular among the visitors, approximately over 120,000 attend this event throughout the weekend. During this fun-filled event, strawberries are sold, celebrated, served and enjoyed in every possible way that you can hardly imagine. The love for strawberries is accompanied with a parade, pie-eating contest, pig racing and much more. This is purely alcohol-free and family-friendly event so you can easily go there with your teenager kids without any worries.