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Interested in Joining?


Interested Volunteers must apply on the VVHS website, attend an orientation session, and an initial training program of required courses before they may fully participate in exercises or deployments.  They are also subject to a state and FBI criminal background check, completed at no cost to the applicant.

Apply Online at the Virginia Volunteer Health System (VVHS) Site

Attend a VBMRC Orientation Session

  • At the Orientation session, which lasts about an hour, an overview of the program will be provided.  You will learn about the history of the MRC, your potential role in public health and emergency activities, complete required paperwork, and have an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about the program.
  • Initial training requirements will be discussed, and links to relevant online training are available here.
  • See the Calendar page for the next scheduled orientation or contact the MRC Coordinator at VBMRC@vdh.virginia.gov for more information or to arrange an orientation by appointment
  • Check out our Facebook page for upcoming Orientations and Events.

Directions to the Virginia Beach Department of Public Health

  • 4452 Corporation Lane (Corporate Center III), Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Virginia Beach Department of Public Health

Join the VBMRC Group on Facebook

  • Check out the Events and Training Schedule
  • Collaborate and ask questions of current volunteers
  • Encourage your friends to become involved with the Medical Reserve Corps
  • Get more information
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