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Internet research is the practice of using the Internet, especially the World Wide Web, for research. To the extent that the Internet is widely and readily accessible to hundreds of millions of people in many parts of the world, it can provide practically instant information on most topics, and is having a profound impact on the way in which ideas are formed and knowledge is created.

Information serves as the basis for choices, beliefs, decisions and understanding of our world. Decisions based on unreliable or wrong information often lead to disastrous consequences. In the era of information proliferation, it is estimated that 93% of professionals with Internet access use the web to research products and services. However, gaining access to authentic and accurate data is still a formidable task for most executives.


 How to do research on the internet

What research information is on the internet?


  • company reports and financial information
  • conference proceedings
  • contact details for other researchers
  • laws, government announcements and parliamentary debates
  • news and current affairs
  • databases of reference material
  • places where you can discuss topics and ask for help

In general, academic research that has been commercially published is not freely available on the internet. This tutorial will describe the principles and methods for finding information of an academic standard that is available free of charge. For items that are not free please check the library catalogue for holdings as research material may be available through Library subscriptions to online versions of academic journals.


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