Sochi 2014 Olympic winter games

“Stop Olympic winter games 2014 in Sochi!” international campaign

 - these homeless kids can not ever see this games, but they need a warm place to live, food and medical help...

   «Games over!» or “Stop Olympic winter games 2014 in Sochi!” international campaign.



    The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) selected Sochi as one of the Candidate Cities for the Winter Olympic Games in 2014. The idea of this project realization - is a large-scale bluff. it will Also cause a huge damage to nature and biodiversity. Russian Government is ready to invest a fabulous sum of money in the development of Sochi - more than 10 billion euro!

Putin supports  

    The President of Russia Vladimir Putin has more than once expressed his support of the Olympic Games. All these events make a stir around the idea of conducting Olympics in Sochi.
In the same time - it is obvious that powerful Olympic lobby, including the top government officials and oligarchs, is aimed at some other things, but not at holding the Games.


Damage to nature

    The fact is that the Olympic Games in Sochi will cause a huge damage to nature and biodiversity of the Western Caucasus. Protected natural territories, including the World Nature Heritage Site “Western Caucasus”, will suffer immensely. 

 Damage to socio-economic situation

    Sochi Games threaten the socio-economic well-being of the Sochi population, for in case of its realization a strong negative impact will be rendered on the Mzymta River. This river is a basis of ecological frame of southern and central part of Big Sochi. And environmental protection and sustainability are major elements of the Olympic Games planning and operations. More than 4000 people - inhabitans of the Imeretinskaja valley near Sochi will be removed without their agreement geting a small compensations and their houses destroied to get a free place for new asphalt roads and olympic objects.

«We'd rather change the Constitution»

    The application committee  “Sochi 2014" asked the RF Government to make the appropriate bodies prevent citizen protests. This violates the constitutional right to peaceful demonstrations.
    Nevertheless, the deputy head of the Russian Government commissioned the Russian intelligence services (including the FSS – Federal Security Service and the Ministry of Internal Affaires) to consider the request. In his turn, the head of the Russian Olympic committee Mr Tyagachev said during his visit to Krasnodar:
 If [the environmentalists] brandish the Constitution to declare that we cannot cut fir
trees and pine trees, we'd rather change the Constitution".

European Greens against

    «The Olympic games cannot be a reason to destroy the unique biodiversity of the western Caucasus - the European Greens call upon the International Olympic Committee to reject Russia’s application to conduct the Winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi. The resolution of the European Green Party:
 - there is the text below on this page too.


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«Game over!» - a civil coalition against winter Olympic games 2014 in Sochi national park

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/Used materials from NGO - "Environmental watch on north caucasus", Greenpeace Russia, Social-ecological union/.

Links to websites dedicated to “Stop Olympic winter games 2014 in Sochi!” campaign (mostly russian versions. English version texts I'm ready to send by email):  


European Green Party
Geneva, 15th October 2006

Adopted resolution

    The Olympic games cannot be a reason to destroy the unique biodiversity of the western Caucasus.

    Russia proposes to hold the 2014 Olympic Games near Sochi which as a city-candidate has a good chance of winning the competition and becoming the Olympic City-2014. The Russian Government has decided to provide more than $ 11 billion for the preparation works.

    Unfortunately the majority of Olympic objects as well as 70 km of asphalt roads are to be built on the territories of Sochi National Park and of the “Western Caucasus”. World Heritage Site In order to do so the Western Caucasus forests which have survived intact until present by a fortunate accident of history will be cut down, other unique ecosystems will suffer great damage. During all Olympic history there had never been such a
large-scale destruction of intact nature as that proposed (and already started) for the Sochi games.

    The Caucasus is one of few World Centers of Biodiversity. The ecosystems that will be dramatically changed as a result of Olympic plans are some of the last intact mountain ecosystems of Europe. The crucial habitats of many species included in the IUCN Red List of Endangered Species are situated here.

    Such destruction of natural ecosystems, including the protected nature reserves contradicts Russian legislation as well as Russian international obligations arising from the ratification of the World Heritage Convention and the Principles of the World Olympic Movement. If the Sochi Olympic Games take place they will become not only the most expensive but also the most anti-environmental Olympic Games ever held..

    The European Greens call upon the Russian government instead destroying the unique ecosystems of the Western Caucasus to spend the $ billions to solve the numerous social problems of the Russian population, to reduce the poverty of a significant part of the Russian people, a humiliation for any developed country, and to increase the lifespan of Russians which is the lowest among all the developed countries.

    The European Greens call upon the International Olympic Committee to reject Russia’s application to conduct the Winter Olympic Games-2014 in Sochi.